Article: Top Ten Chinese Movies Set In Forests

Making a good movie involves many factors like a good story, casting, scripting, etc. And one such factor is location. Location is a crucial part of a film, and it helps to set the mood in the film. Shooting in real locations gives movies a realistic feel. It is hard to shoot in real locations like mountains or dessert because of the harsh conditions. There are so many beautiful forests in China. Here are the top 10 Chinese movies set in a forest.

1. House Of Flying Dagger

House of flying daggers is a 2004 Zhang Yimou-directed film. The movie focuses on three main characters, a policeman who is helping a beautiful dancer from a rebel group escape jail. The policeman tries to win her trust by helping her so that he can use her to reach the new leader of the rebel group. This movie has some spectacular scenery which was of Sichuan, China.

2. Fantastica: A Bonnie Bear Adventures (2019)

Fantastica: A bonnie bear adventures is a 2019 Leon Ding-directed film. The movie shows Bonnie bear teaming up with Bald Qiang to help a robot who is in the forest to find a mysterious object. They fight off the villains who want to destroy the jungle and the mysterious object. The movie is an animated film. It shows a beautiful, majestic forest.

3. Hero (2002)

Hero is Zhang Yimou-directed film that came out in 2002. Hero is a story about a nameless officer and his journey of killing three assassins. The King has called the officer to the palace to hear his heroic tale. The movie involves the story of the assassins, the broken sword, the long sky, and the snow. The film was shot in different national parks in China, including Jiuzhaigou national park and the national park of Sichuan province.

4. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is a 2000 film directed by Ang Lee. The film revolves around the sword of master Li who asks his lover to pass the sword to Sir Te. The hill stations shown in the movie are Anhui and Hebei. Anhui is in the eastern part of China, known for its Huangshan mountains, and Heibei is in the northern part of China and consists of many prominent mountains like Dong Tai and ruling.

5. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword Of Destiny (2016)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny is a sequel film directed by Woo-Ping Yuen that came out in 2016. The movie now follows Shu Lien, who wants the sword back as it is his late lover's last memory. She has to fight Hades to have the sword. The movie location was Auckland, Newzealand and some parts of China

6. The Legend Of Hei (2019)

The legend of Hei is a 2019 animated Chinese film directed by MTJJ. The movie is about a little monster who can transform into humans and cats when they want. Hei lives in a forest peacefully, but because of deforestation, he leaves the forest. He is finding it hard to adjust to the new environment.

7. The Taking Of The Tiger Mountain (2014)

The taking of the tiger mountain is a 2014 movie directed by Tsui Hark. The movie is about a fight between a liberation group and a bandit gang. Yang Ziror pretends to be a bandit to infiltrate the bandit gang so he can destroy them. The location of the movie is China's snow town, Xuexiang.

8. The Assassin (2015)

The assassin is a 2015 Chinese film directed by Hou Hsiao-Hsien. The film follows the story of a woman who is an assassin. She got a task to kill the military governor, but somehow she failed to complete the mission. Her master gave her a harsh punishment. She got the order to kill her former fiance. The movie location is in Hubei, China, and the inner parts of Mongolia.

9. Dragon (2011)

Dragon is a 2011 Chinese movie directed by Peter Chan. The movie shows the story of a man who used to be martial art expert but now he is living his life in the shadows. One day he happens to help a shop from getting robbed by fighting goons. After this, a police officer and his old master are after him. The location of the movie is in Yunnan province, China.

10. Parallel Forest (2019)

Parallel forest is a 2019 Lei Zheng-directed Chinese film. The movie is about a heartbroken mother who lost her child in an accident. She was devastated and gave up all the hopes in her life. One day she stubble upon something weird in the forest, she found herself in the forest and followed herself, she found the gates of Parallel world. The movie location was in East Lake Scenic, Heilongjiang province