Article: Top 10 Korean Actors/Actresses That Were Child Actors

Rising actors and actresses like Yeo Jin-goo, Kim Yoo-Jung, Kim So-Hyun are household names in the Korean film industry. Would you believe it if I told you, many of these household names were also child actors at one point? Here’s a list of 10 Korean actors and actresses that were child actors when they were young.

1. Yeo Jin-Goo

 Most commonly known for his lead role in ‘Hotel Del Luna,’ Yeo Jin-goo started his acting career as a child actor. Yeo Jin-Goo’s first role was acting as the child, Hwi-Chan, in the movie ‘Sad Movie’ released in 2005. His acting skills made the viewer’s heart melt. Even as a child, his attention to detail was exemplary. He went on to act as the King when he was a child in ‘Moon Embracing the Sun.’ His numerous roles as a child earned him the endearing name of ‘Nation’s Little Brother.’ His other notable works as a child actor are ‘A Frozen Flower,’ ‘Giant,’ and ‘Missing You,’ released in 2008, 2010, and 2012.


2. Kim Yoo-Jung

 Kim Yoo-Jung is well known in the acting industry for her roles in historical dramas, especially the romantic comedy ‘Love in the Moonlight.’ She started her career as a model and made her mark in the acting industry in 2004 when she acted in ‘Freezing Point,’ which raised her popularity and made her one of the most sought-after child actresses. As a child actress, she has acted in numerous roles and has gathered more experience than any child of her age. This experience and popularity earned her the title of ‘Nation’s Little Sister.’ Her other works as a child artist are ‘Ilijimae,’ ‘Temptation of an Angel,’ ‘The Revolt of Gumiho,’ ‘Moon Embracing the Sun,’ and many more.


3. Kim Sae Ron

Kim Sae Ron entered the acting agency at the age of 9 with the film ‘A Brand-New Life’ released in 2009, where she played the role of Jin-Hee. Her acting enraptured the audience with her soul-wrenching tears and the emotional depth she showed with the deep understanding of her character. If her charm has pulled you in, check out her other works as a child actress, such as The Man from Nowhere, ‘I am a dad,’ ‘The Neighbour,’ ‘The Girl at my Door,’ and ‘Manhole.’


4. Kim So Hyun

With the TV show ‘Drama City’ by KBS2, Kim So Hyun made her debut in 2006. The actress impacted acting as the younger version of actresses in ‘A Happy Women,’ ‘Que Sera Sera,’ and many more. She also starred alongside Kim Soo Hyun in the famous drama series ‘Moon Embracing the Sun’, which increased her popularity. ‘Missing You’ is another series which made her famous. She raises the bar higher and higher for child actors with her phenomenal acting. She is also fondly nicknamed as ‘Nation’s Little Sister.’


5. Shin Se Kyung

The famous ‘Run On’ actress, Shin Se Kyung, was introduced to the public when she made her acting debut in the children’s show ‘PpoPpoPpo’ and spent most of her career as a child actress in a variety of shows for children. She gained her mark in the acting industry with her role in ‘My Little Bride’ and ‘Cinderella.


6. Kim Hyang Gi

The ‘Space Sweepers’ actress Kim Hyang Gi started her career with a Paris Baguette commercial. ‘Heart is...’ is the first film the actress starred in as the child So Yi, at the ripe age of 6. She also starred in other films like ‘Cherry Tomato,’ ‘Wedding Dress’ and ‘Werewolf boy.’ She also acted in TV series like ‘Hero’ and ‘The Queen’s Classroom.’


7. Park Ji Bin

 Actor Park Ji Bin was first seen in the acting industry as a musical theatre actor in ‘Tommy’ released in 2001. He played a role in the SBS TV drama ‘Perfect Love’ in 2003. His most notable work as a child actor was in ‘Hello Brother!’ released in 2005. He made his break as the adorable child actor, playing the younger brother in the famous rom-com drama Boys over Flowers.


8. Park Gun Tae

 Park Gun Tae made his acting debut in the film ‘Volcano High’ as the younger version of Kim Kyung Soo in 2001. He also appeared in TV series like ‘Age of Warriors’, ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You’ and ‘Drama City.’ He is mostly known for acting as a child actor in ‘I’m Sorry, I love you,’ ‘May Queen,’ and ‘Warrior Baek Dong-Soo.’


9. Nam Da-Reum

 Nam Da-Reum captured the hearts of his fans as a child actor. He first made his appearance in Rizi’s music video ‘I cry.’ He made his debut as a child actor in the famous rom-com TV series Boys over Flowers.


10. Yoo Seung Ho

 Yoo Seung-Ho was first seen in the acting industry as a child actor after acting in a cell phone commercial in 1999. He also acted in TV series like ‘Daddy Fish’ (2000) and Boys Don’t Cry (2001). His most known work as a child actor is the 2003 film ‘The Way Home’ where he played a loving grandson, Sang-woo. He also played the part of a reliable elder brother in the movie ‘Hearty Paws’ alongside Kim Hyang-Gi. To watch Yoo Seung-Ho slay his other roles as a child actor, check out ‘Precious Family,’ ‘Magic Warriors Mir & Gaon,’ ‘Queen Seondeok’ and ‘Master of Study .’