Article: 10 Thai Actors Who Came Out As Gay

Thai industry has emerged as a super entertaining industry. There are so many actors made their mark in this industry. Few of them are Maria Maurer, Chakrit Yamnam, and Tony Jaa. But there are some other actors who belong to the LGBTQ community and made a benchmark in this industry by their phenomenal talent. There are Porsch Apiwat, Pak Norrapat and Ten Tosatid who impressed people by their talent, and their gender identity was not a barrier in their path in any way. The 1st BL drama of Thailand aired in the summer of 2014. There is also a series called “2gether”, the series which has become so popular among people. It is Thailand's most popular Boys Love drama. The series became popular all around the globe. The boys’ love for the entertainment industry grew because producers and some leading channels wanted to turn novels into television series. This is how a Thai sector emerged as so impactful, and the Boys Love getting famous.

1. Gun Korawit Boonsari

Korawit Boonsari is a Thai singer, model, and actor. He is openly gay. He is in a relationship with his Pea and they both have their YouTube channel. His most prominent roles are Green in 2gether, the series as well as previous parts in series such as U- Prince the Series, Kiss Me: The Series, Ugly duckling, and SOTUS S.


2. Fluke Natouch

Fluke is a Thai actor who was born in Lamphun, Thailand. He graduated from a high school in Suanboonyopatham Lamphun, named Dirakji Pundit University at Faculty of Arts, Department of English. He is gay openly. His 1st and most famous file were Green Fictions, a movie in 2013 and filmed in Chiang Mai. He also starred in a film called “Bromance” where he plays a role of a young man who falls in love with his new stepfather's son. He has also played a role in gay movies, e.g., Ghost Ship.


3. Sirikorn Kananuruk (Bruce)

Sirikorn is a Thai television actor and model who has made his mark as an actor in the Thai entertainment industry since 2015. Sirikorn was also known by his nickname “Bruce”. He is also openly gay and in a relationship with his boyfriend OCT. He also promotes fashion brands in the fashion industry along with his acting career.


4. Ten Tosatid Darnkhuntod

Darnkhuntod is a Thai actor and director and also known by his nickname Ten. He is openly gay and in a relationship with his boyfriend Chase. He is also known for the series “Gay OK Bangkok” and “Gay OK Bangkok 2”. He debuted as a director in the series “My Bromance”. He is also the founder of EX10 Energy Drink, released in 2018.


5. Porsch Apiwat Apiwatsayree

Porsh Apiwatsayree is also gay and he is married to his boyfriend Arm. He has also known for his role in Together with Me. It has announced in 2018, that there would be a sequel titled “Together With Me: The Next Chapter”. It is a sequel of “Bad Romance: The series” focuses on the relationship of Korn and Knock.


6. Newyear Kitiwhut Sawutfimilin

Newyear Sawutfimilin is also openly gay. Newyear is an actor, model, and online personality. He fetched his first role in “I Am Your King: The Series”. Presently, he runs a cafe in Thailand named Pink Capsule and makes YouTube videos with this long-time boyfriend, Both.


7. Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote

Namwirote is a Thai actor and made his acting debut as a Pie in the 2017 short movie “Let me kiss you”. He is also openly gay and was in a relationship, but now he is single. He played the role of TAR in a Thai drama series “Love By Chance” and its sequel “A Chance To Love”. He is also the owner of a clothing brand called CIELO.


8. Plustor Pronpiphat Pattanasettano

Plustor Pattanasettano is also openly gay and in a relationship with his boyfriend KAN. Plustor is a Thai actor and model. Plustor is his nickname. He started his acting career as a model and debuted in 2016 as a supporting role in the series “Lovey Dovey”. His important leading role in the series “Med in Love: The Series” and “Friend Zone”.


9. Suppasit Jongcheveevat

Suppasit is a Thai actor, singer, songwriter, and model. He is also known by his nickname Mew. He explicitly said that gender doesn’t matter to him, he is also openly gay. He is also the CEO of Mew Suppasit Studio. He created his fan club named” Mewlions”, an amalgamation of the word nickname Mew and the word Millions. Suppasit kicked off his acting career in the Thai Series I am Your King (2017).


10. Norrapat Sakunsong

Norrapat is a Thai model and actor, also known by his nickname “Pak”. He started his modelling and acting career in 2009. He also worked in the Thai drama sequel In My Mind: The series (2020), Love O Net (2015) and It’s Complicated (2015), etc. He was also Mister Model International in 2016.