Article: Top 10 Thai Drama Actors Who Played The Gay Role Well

Thailand is a country that is hugely and widely open to showcasing and entertaining LGBTQ concepts, characters, and storylines in dramas and movies. Popularly known as Thai Boy Love (BL) Dramas, they are quite a unique genre in the film industry. Many famous Thai BL dramas like SOTUS, TharnType, Theory of Love and more have prequels and sequels which are mostly adapted from novels. Many Thai Actors are very versatile and have played diverse roles and characters. Several Thai Actors have wowed the audience and viewers with their stunning performances and acting in the Thai BL dramas.

1. Singto Prachaya Ruangroj

Singo, also known as Prachaya Ruangroj, debuted as an actor in the popular Gay love series SOTUS as one of the main characters. He again played a great central role in the BL series 'He's Coming to Me.' He acted in the Thai drama 'SOTUS' as a bully named 'Kongpob,' and 'Mes' in He's Coming to Me. Singto is a pretty versatile actor and acted the best version of his characters in SOTUS and He's Coming to Me.

2. Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana

He starred as the main character 'Tutor' in the BL Thai Drama Series 'Why R U'. He played the fierce aspect of his character well in the above Thai drama. Saint gave his debut performance in the Thai BL drama Love by Chance. The characters he played in the above two dramas had polar-opposite traits and yet Saint pulled off the roles well.

3. Natouch Siripongthon

Natouch, also known as Fluke, played the role of Pharm in the BL drama 'Until We Meet Again.' Pharm was a challenging character. Natouch had nice and accurate expressions in every scene. His acting was phenomenal, especially in the last few episodes of the drama. Very skillful actor indeed!

4. Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee

Ohm played the character of Thun in the Thai Drama 'He's Coming to Me.'In appreciation of his acting talent, Ohm recently won the "Best Dramatic Scene" for the series "He's Coming To Me" (2019) at the LINE TV Awards (2020). It was a rooftop scene where he flawlessly acted frustrated and emotionally overloaded.

5. Win Metawin Opas-Iamkajorn

Win portrayed the main character of Tine in the Thai drama '2gether'. He is famous in the Thai BL industry for his acting debut and leading role as Tine in 2gether.' This drama shows an exciting storyline of a fake relationship between the main characters. Win delivered a superb debut performance in this novel-based Thai drama.

6. Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat

Gun played the role of Third in the Thai Drama Series called 'Theory of Love.' This 2019 BL Thai Drama has romantic comedy, drama, and LGBT themes. A peculiarity of his character in this series is that he cried in every episode. Gun's emotionally sensitive nature and acting are genuinely lovely. He is a child actor and played his character well in this drama.

7. Kaownah Kittipat Kaewcharoen

Kaownah acted as 'Lhong' in the Thai BL Drama 'Tharn Type.' This Thai drama is based on a novel. Kaownah's acting seemed quite natural and he incredibly brought out the suppressed emotions and struggles of LGBTQ people.

His character has a great plot twist which will leave the viewers stoked!

8. Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat

Mew played the crucial role of Tharn in the drama Tharn Type. The drama is an adaptation of a famous web novel. This 31-year-old Thai actor delivered a stunning performance as the main BL character. His dialogue-delivery is spot on throughout the episodes. Mew's acting in the breakup scenes of this drama is watch-worthy!

9. Krist Perawat Sangpotirat

Krist, also known as Chris Peerawat and Pheerawat Saengphothirat made his debut as an actor in the SOTUS series. This series is one of the most famous BL dramas. Krist played the role of Arthit, an engineering major at university who is a victim of bullying in the drama. For a debut BL performance, he showed excellent acting skills.

10. Tay Tawan Vihokratan

Tay enacted the character 'Pete' in the Thai Drama Series 'Dark Blue Kiss'. This drama involves a love triangle. Comedy, romance and LGBT are the primary themes or genres of the drama. Dark Blue Kiss has a prequel called 'Kiss Me Again.' Both these Thai BL Dramas show the love and relationship struggles of the main characters. Tay had a good acting performance and delivered the message of his character wonderfully in the series.