Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas And Movies Of Sung Hoon

Few performers have gained notoriety in the vibrant Korean entertainment industry as quickly and forcefully as Sung Hoon. Sung Hoon has solidified his position as a prominent man in the South Korean entertainment business with his captivating personality, outstanding acting abilities, and wide range of roles. This article will provide you with a thorough overview of his brilliant career by examining the top 10 dramas and movies featuring his exceptional talents.

1. My Secret Romance

The son of a wealthy family and the head of a sizable corporation is Cha Jin Wook. When he meets Lee Yoo Mi, who has never had a lover before, he adjusts his normal short-term romantic behavior. This pair enjoys a one-night fling in a dating environment filled with busy people who prefer to flirt and chase "some" relationships over deep ones that allow them to express their actual sentiments. Three years later, they cross paths again, and their unsteady push-pull romance begins, keeping them on their toes as they fall in love.

2. Five Enough

Lee Sang Ta, is left with his two kids after losing his wife five years ago. Since then, he has resided with his two children and in-laws, who treat him like one of their children. He leads the marketing team for a clothing company and never anticipates meeting someone who will rekindle his passion. At the same clothing company, Ahn Mi Jeong holds the position of assistant manager. Her husband left her three years ago after having an affair with her friend. She lied to her three children about their father's whereabouts because she was unable to tell them the truth about him. The kids continue to think that their father is in America.

3. I Picked Up A Star On The Road

While daydreaming about lecturing her boss, contract worker Lee Yeon Seo unwittingly performs her fantasy on none other than prominent Hallyu star Kang Joon Hyuk. She brings him home and gets ready to dispose of the body since she believes she killed him but is frightened of being accused of murder. However, when Joon Hyuk awakens and notices her preparations, he assumes that he has been abducted by a violent madman. She holds him prisoner out of desperation so he won't report her to the police.

4. Level Up

The top director at the restructuring company Yoo Seong CRC is Ahn Dan Te. He embodies the definition of the "cold city man" of the time with his flawless craftsmanship, emotionless poker face, and icy severity. The dying gaming developer Joy Buster's chief development officer, Shin Yeon Hwa, collaborates with Ahn Dan Te. She begins to create a new game to appease him, but they frequently do things wrong and wind up arguing, making for a cute comedy for the audience. By creating an odd chemistry, the drama involving icy Ahn Dan Te and passionate Shin Yeon Hwa will increase the suspense.

5. Star With A Secret

A drama created specifically for the web about an odd romance between a Hallyu star and a determined entertainment reporter. He conceals that when he touches a lady, he transforms into a young boy. He has had to cover up his predicament by lying to his supporters due to his frequent exposure to the public. It's no surprise that the reporter, who has previously stopped at nothing to secure exclusive celebrity scoops, was the one to discover the star's embarrassing situation. She develops empathy for him through open dialogue, which enables her to assist in his heart's recovery.

6. Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce)

Boo Hye Ryung, a bubbly host, is in her 30s and has been wed to, Pan Sa Hyun (Sung Hoon), a handsome lawyer, for three years. Sa Pi Young works diligently as the show's producer. She has always done her best to look after her house, daughter, and charming husband, Shin Yoo Shin, a psychiatrist and hospital director of the neuropsychiatry division, who is in his forties. With her loving professor husband of thirty years, the show's devoted writer, Lee Si Eun, who is now in her forties, has two pre-teen children. At Sun Jin University, Park Hae Ryoon is now the department's dean for theater and film. Their supposedly "happy marriages" will all come apart because of three equally accomplished women.

7. Woo Ri The Virgin

A well-liked drama series' associate writer is Oh Woo Ri. She has avoided sexual connections to maintain her chaste lifestyle until she marries and has pledged to remain a virgin until then. She is in a relationship with the loyal police officer Lee Kang Jae, but when she goes to a routine checkup, something goes wrong, and she is unintentionally artificially inseminated. When she learns she is pregnant, she requests the hospital investigate the incident. However, when Raphael finds he will soon become a father, things become incredibly complicated—especially once he realizes he and Oh Woo Ri share a mysterious previous connection!

8. Are We In Love?

Jung has thus far led an unhappy life. Her mother is ill and appears to fail at everything she tries, thus she is plagued by bad luck. She works at a coffee shop owned by the handsome but reserved Seung Jae. However, an enigmatic woman stops by the store one stormy night and gives So Jung a peculiar book called "Are You in Love?" It ends up being a great, almost mystical, book! She questions the book about her love life one day, and the "answer" she receives miraculously transforms her life. So Jung finds herself at the center of attention all of a sudden. Every guy she meets develops an infatuation with her, even Seung Jae, who unexpectedly loses his calm exterior to reveal his emotions to her.

9. Brothers In Heaven

Twin brothers in the large city of Busan were abandoned in an orphanage following the terrible passing of their parents. The younger brother, Tae Sung, occupies a role in the neighborhood gang, while the older brother, Tae Ju, becomes a police officer. They both end up loving Chan Mi, which is ironic given their circumstances. Tae Sung's best buddy betrays and lures him into a trap as the conflict between the two rival gangs circling the casino intensifies. Tae Ju approaches Tae Sung to convince him to surrender as the police draw closer, but they must first confront the truth about the horrific event that caused them to become distant.

10. Perfect Marriage Revenge

Artist Han Yi Joo is one. Han Jin Woong and Lee Jung Hye adopted her. The Hanwool Financial Group is run by her father. However, neither her parents nor her younger sister, Han Yoo Ra, were fond of Han Yi Joo. Han Yi Joo and Jung Se Hyeok are now married. She finds out that her spouse, Jung Se Hyeok, adores Han Yoo Ra and not her. Han Yi Joo was killed in an automobile accident that same day. Han Yi Joo awakens to discover that she has traveled back in time to the period of her engagement to Jung Se Hyeok. She calls off her engagement to Jung Se Hyeok to alter her destiny and exact revenge on her family. She then goes up to Seo Do Guk, whom Han Yoo Ra, her younger sister, wishes to marry. The founder of the Taeja Group's grandson is Seo Do Guk.