Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas And Movies Of Angela Baby

Few people have shone as brilliantly as Angela Baby in the glitzy world of Chinese entertainment. Angela Baby has cemented her position as an iconic figure in the industry with her remarkable beauty, varied talent, and diverse range of roles. This article will give you her outstanding career by examining the top 10 works that have best displayed her exceptional talents.

1. My True Friend

Cheng Zhen Zhen is a passionate rookie agent who is eager to excel in her job and is new to the real estate industry. She accepted a position as an entry-level associate at the local real estate firm Love and Family. Soon after, Zhen Zhen is paired with Shao Peng Cheng, another inexperienced rookie. Peng Cheng, the sole child of the company's president, has chosen to conceal his true identity while working his way up the corporate ladder in a continuous effort to establish his value. Together, Zhen Zhen and Peng Cheng set out to fulfill their aspirations. The conflicting emotions that come with homeownership eventually ensnare Zhen Zhen and Peng Cheng.

2. Short Of Love

Despite being short and shallow, Jack Lam (Wong Cho Lam) has a lot of money, which is enough to attract girls. He even escapes the financial tsunami thanks to a lucky mistake. However, Jack's sexy gold-digging girlfriend (Chrissie Chau) ditches him right away thinking he's gone bankrupt, giving him a painful wake-up call. Jack decides to go out and hunt for love again after receiving some encouragement from Angel (Angelababy), and he meets a damaged triad girl (Kate Tsui), a naive massage lady (JJ Jia), and an emotionally disturbed dancer (Race Wong).

3. Love You You

A representative from a law firm is sent to a beautiful tropical island to look into You Le Le, the young proprietor of the island's beach resort, who is allegedly engaging in illicit business operations. So she poses as a servant and enters his resort covertly. Xia and You first don't click, similar to many great love stories before theirs, but under the enchantment of the romantic environment, sparks of love start to fly between them. But as it turns out, they both have secrets of their own that could perhaps ruin their relationship.

4. Love In Space

Sisters Rose, Lily, and Peony all have lonely lives until the dramatic summer when they all meet their partners in three different places. On a space mission, astronaut Rose and her ex-boyfriend Michael are reunited. In Sydney, Lily, a germaphobe, falls in love with Johnny, a garbage worker. In a coffee cafe in BEIJING, actress Peony meets college student Wen Feng. So, each of the three sisters starts to fix their issues with love.

5. First Time

Shi, a college student, is dying of an illness. She is aware of some experiences, such as falling in love, that she will never have. She is so taken aback and enamored by Gong's interest in her when he unexpectedly makes a comeback from his high school obsession. Shi narrates every detail of their priceless time together onto a cassette tape because the effects of her medication caused her to lose her short-term memory.

6. Crimes Of Passion

The movie follows female investigator Lu Yue Yue as she becomes involved in a search for a missing historical artifact. Yue Yue becomes entangled in a love triangle with her first love, Xue Yu, and Kim Jung Hee, the son of a notorious Korean mobster, with whom she eventually falls in love as she works to solve a case involving a historical item.

7. Temporary Family

Four odd individuals are made to live together in one home. When the house he provided his ungrateful fiancé was too small, she broke off their engagement. Real estate salesperson Hong Siu Lung. He comes upon an advertisement for a cheap apartment for sale one day. He forms a deal with three others, including Kam Fung, a wealthy divorcee; Ah Hak, Hong Siu Lung's stepdaughter; and Very, an affluent mainland Chinese college grad, to persuade them to divide the purchase with him to buy the house and then sell it for a high price. The four are compelled to live together because the real estate market crashed.

8. Entrepreneurial Age

Guo Xin Nian, a programmer, gets an epiphany and decides to build a smartphone app that turns text messages into audio recordings before they are sent. With the aid of devoted friends, angel investors, and investment analyst Na Lan, the new software quickly gained popularity among mobile users. Guo Xin Nian, however, is unprepared for the cutthroat app development business and encounters numerous defeats at the hands of rivals. Guo Xin Nian is eventually able to learn from his mistakes and start over as a true entrepreneur with the aid of friend-turned-lover Na Lan.

9. General And I

The four nations of Jin, Yan, Liang, and Qin are relentless in their quest for dominance and power in a globe torn apart by conflict. The nations of Jin and Yan battle amid this never-ending conflict, and the great family of Jin is overthrown. The Jin prince, He Xia, and his astute military strategist, Bai Ping Ting, are forced to leave and manage to avoid death. He Xia, who became separated during their escape and wants to exact revenge on the Kingdom of Jin, travels to the Kingdom of Bai Lan. The finest general of the Jin army and the most adored prince of the country, Chu Bei Jie, has Bai Ping Ting in his grasp. Bai Ping Ting quickly discovers herself the focus of her worst enemy's desire after being instantly identified by the prince as the girl he fell in love with years before.

10. Love The Way You Are

Yin Yi Ke has led a seemingly ideal life for 32 years, going about daily business. She is considerate everywhere, whether at the company or home. She tends to everyone around her but herself, like a never-tired Wonder Woman. When she first encounters Xu Guang Xi, a young man who used to frequently come over to her house for dinners when they were younger, everything changes. After returning from his studies overseas, Xu Guang Xi, who had previously only felt a sense of dependency toward Yi Ke, has developed feelings for her. However, pursuing Yi Ke is a very challenging task. It involves a fast-paced lifestyle and intense pressure.