Article: Top 10 Hottest Chinese Actors Gaining Popularity

Chinese drama, also known by the popular name of C-Drama, is slowly becoming the number one reason to make our hearts throb! A fantastic script, accompanied by gorgeous actors, is making the entire entertainment sector roar in excitement. Not only do these actors and actresses look like Gods and Goddesses, but they are also filled to the brim with pure talent and passion. After years and years of overrated and monotonous Korean dramas, these Chinese dramas feel fresh, new, and original. C-dramas offer us modern insights into the lives of ordinary people, making us all the more compassionate and mutually interested in each other’s well-being.

Here is a list of the hottest Chinese actors that are gaining popularity as we speak!

1. Dilraba Dilmurat

The beautiful Chinese actress, Dilraba Dilmurat is a graduate of the Shanghai Theater Academy. She was previously ranked #51 in the world as Kandi in the 2015–2019 season of China's Most Popular TV program called the Evening Express. Her acting career took off due to her role in the television series known as Anarhan (2013). The role was nominated for outstanding TV series at the 30th Flying Goddess Awards, making Dilmurat one of the most popular sensations of China. She is popularly known for her role as a pop star in the series Diamond Lover. Consequently, the series won the audience’s Favorite Newcomer award at the 7th China TV drama awards.


2. Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan is one of the top celebrities in China, not only for his entertainment value but also for his super-hot and stylish looks. His appearance on various shows has made him a successful idol, and people follow him around just to catch a glimpse of his perfect facial features and sexy body! He debuted in the year 2009 with his first song called  XYZ and has become insanely popular, with nearly twenty million subscribers on Weibo! Even though the major part of his fan following consists of women, there are many men who find themselves being passionate about Xiao Zhan.


3. Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo has possessed all the charm and looks to be an idol of many Taiwanese teenagers. He was voted most attractive by both his male, as well as female fans. This, consequently, gave him extremely high ratings. Yibo is famous for the weight gain stunts that he does during his tours to prove that he can eat whatever he wants when he gets intoxicated. Nonetheless, it appears that he enjoys attention much more than gaining weight for the sake of gaining weight. His fans follow him judiciously on various social media platforms to peek at his new looks. Wang Yibo became a sensation in one night, thanks to the role he played in the popular Chinese period drama The Untamed, along with Xiao Zhan.


4. Angela Yeng Wing (Angelababy)

Angela Yeung Ming or Angelababy is a very influential model, actress, and singer who was given the title of one of the New Four Dan Actresses, in 2013. A year later, Ming finally got an opportunity to properly build her career as she joined the cast of the Chinese spin-off of the popular Running Man franchise from South Korea, Keep Running. In China, the show was a huge hit, making Ming a household celebrity. Ming also featured in the 2014 film Mojin: The Lost Legend, which was inspired by the popular series of the tomb raider's books 'Ghost Blows Out the Light. This film became the highest-grossing Chinese-language IMAX film in China at that time. Ming later appeared in the Hollywood science-fiction film Independence Day: Resurgence in a significant supporting character.


5. Zhao Liying (Zanilia Zhao)

Zanilia Zhao was born in a small village and never got the chance to attend a professional art school. Nonetheless, she found her way into the business through the Yahoo Search Star Game, back in 2006. Zhao had her breakthrough ten years later with the song Legend of Lu Zhen, which was not only a hit in China but also in South Korea and Japan, earning her more exposure across the region. At the China TV Drama Awards, she was named Favorite Newcomer, and at the LeTV Awards, she was named Most Popular TV Actress. Her fame has risen, thanks to appearances in a series of well-received historical action dramas, like Princess Agents (2017), in which she portrays a slave who aspires to become a fearless and brave female commander. Zhao also voiced the lead female character in Disney's Raya and the Last Dragon in Mandarin, this year.


6. Deng Lun

Deng Lun (Allen Deng), a graduate of Shanghai Theatre Academy, rose to prominence in 2018 for his portrayal as the Heavenly Realm's eldest prince, Xu Feng, in the Chinese fantasy romance drama Ashes of Love . The show's rating shot up when it debuted on Jiangsu TV, making it the highest-rated show of the 2018 peak summer watching season. Deng Lun co-starred in the show for the third time with the award-winning actress Yang Zi. Lun is also known for his work in the 2013 blockbuster romance drama Flowers in Fog, which took inspiration from a novel written by a famous romance author, Qiong Yao. He also had lead roles in the 2016 urban romance series 'Ode to Joy 2'. Deng Lun's fantasy film The Yin-Yang Master (Qing Ya Ji), which was released on the Lunar New Year holiday,  was acquired by Netflix from Huayi Brothers Media.


7. Yang Mi (Mini Yang)

Being inexplicably talented, Yang Mi was able to make a career out of her acting skills at the mere age of four. By working in the historical television drama, Tang Ming Huang, Yang Mi had successfully become a child star in the 1990s. In 2011, she starred in the blockbuster historical romantic drama known as the Palace: The Lock Heart Jade, which sparked a craze for time-traveling TV programs. Mi has worked in movies and dramas that include genres ranging from Xianxia to historical romance to contemporary office drama; For example, Swords of Legends (2014), The Interpreter (2016), and Eternal Love of Dream (2020). Mi has been called the "Goddess of Goods" for her ability to improve the fortunes of the companies that she promotes as a spokeswoman or ambassador. She is one of China's most well-known and financially successful celebrities. Her Weibo followers are more than 110 million as of June 2021.


8. Li Yifeng

Li Yifeng attracted a lot of attention as the lead in the thriller Animal World (2018), which was based on a Japanese manga, and co-starred Michael Douglas as the manipulator behind the curtain. The film received positive critical reviews and debuted at the top of the box office in its first week. Nonetheless, his first feature film was called Mr. Six (Lao Paor), for which he received Best Supporting Actor at China's most prestigious film awards, the Hundred Flowers Awards. In 2015, Li was rated ninth on the Forbes China Celebrity list, and he was ranked eleventh in 2017. His most recent roles include a Chinese-American orphan living in Brooklyn in the 2020 blockbuster historical political TV series Fearless Whispers and a modern workplace drama Wait in Beijing.


9. Gülnezer Bextiyar (Gulinazha)

Gülnezer Bextiyar, often known as Gulinazha or just Nazha, is a beautiful Chinese actress and model. She competed in a demonstrating competition when she was 16 years old and won the award  Most Photogenic. In 2011, Gulinazha auditioned for the Beijing Film Academy. During the audition, she was recognized for her skills, and photos of her were taken and published on the internet. Gulinazha debuted on the big screen in the police drama Police Story 2013 in the year 2013. She was nominated for the newcomer award at the Golden Phoenix Awards for her roles in the paradoxical film called 'The Breakup Guru' and the action film named  'Black and White: The Dawn of Justice.


10. Zhang Xincheng

Being a prominent and an important member of the Central Academy of Drama, Zhang Xincheng (Steven Zhang), is a Chinese idol who can communicate in English! He voiced a collegiate ice hockey player who appears chilly but is kind and childlike in the English trailer of the blockbuster sports romance Skate Into Love (Bing Tang Dun Xue Li) in 2020. Zhang became one of the top three “school hunk” figures on Weibo, due to the character's popularity, according to netizen voting. Zhang had his acting debut in the TV drama Shuttle Love Millennium (2016) and has since starred in several college romance dramas, like My Huckleberry Friends (2018) and Young Blood (2019).