Article: Top 10 Korean Stars Who Have Dimples

American actress Connie Stevens once implied that nothing you wear is more important than your smile. There are various kinds of smiles. One of them is dimple smiling. One of the most striking features that make our hearts shake. When we talk about dimples we can't ignore our favourite Korean stars. Korean Stars are usually known for their overflowing multitalented individuality as well as their stunning elegance. Their elegance looks even better when they smile revealing their dimples, whether it is upper cheek dimple, lower cheek dimple, or just one dimple. Let's check out 10 Korean Stars who have dimples.

1. Yoo Ah In

Actor Uhm Hong-Sik who is professionally known as Yoo Ah-In is our first attractive dimple smiling the charmer. He is best known for playing various spectrum roles in  Korean movies and dramas also. We have previously glimpsed him in " Alive ". His next project is an upcoming Netflix series " Hell ".


2. Han Ji-Min 

South Korean Actress Han Ji-Min often looks youthful every time we notice her. Appreciation for her smile which reveals her cute dimples on both cheeks. Han Ji-Min is better known for her lead role in " Rooftop Prince " and also her delightful beauty of dimples on her both cheeks.


3. Hyun Bin

One of South Korea's most well-known actors Hyun Bin, who doesn't have noticed him? He is one of the hectic and physically fit actors in the South Korean Entertainment Industry. Besides his rough and tough looks, what brings about more handsome is his adorable smile while showing his dimples.


4. Gong Yoo

Gong Ji-Cheol is better recognised as Gong Yoo or as our handsome Goblin. His name is now continually drawing the spotlight because of his new cameo entrance into the Netflix series "Squid Game". But in-between we can't forget the dimples that make him cuter every time he smiles.


5. Lee Hanee

What will we call her Lee Hanee, Honey Lee or Hwangbo Yeo-won from "Shine or Go Crazy"? Who doesn't think back to the killer smirk of Hwangbo Yeo-won? The Miss Universe 2007 3rd Runner Up. Her dimples always manage to give rise to her appearance sweeter and youthful.


6. Oh Yeon-So 

Actress Oh Yeon-So had the elegance to attract watchers attention. Her measurements, her visuals, or her dimple smile to face everything intensifies the cherry on top in her acting skills. The actress Oh Yeon-So who debuted in 2002 managed to captivate public attention through her acting skills and loveliness.


7. Shin Min-A 

Shin Min-A is the popular dimple queen of the Korean Entertainment Industry. Her dimples are that noticeable, that they always mention them in her most of the stories of dramas. If you ask anyone to name a Korean actress that has beautiful dimples her name will surely come out.


8. Zhang Yixing 

Zhang Yixing or Lay Zhang is not only a rapper but also a fine good actor. Everyone is well conscious of Lay's super precious dimples. Lay not only successfully knocked at many fans hearts of his multi-talented personality. But also made flutter every fan's heart of his adorable smile.


9. Joo Won 

Joo Won is a South Korean actor who received massive popularity in and out of Korea because of his great performance. His acting as an autistic savant in " Good Doctor " was highly praised for and out of Korea. Besides that can we forget his smile which shows his cute dimples?


10. Kang So-Ra 

Kang So-Ra is a well-known actress as well as a model. Being an outstanding actress now she is the mother of a child. But her freaking glamour is the same as before. And the adorable dimple that is placed in an unusual place that makes her more beautiful.