Article: 10 Of The Best Thai Musical Artists Of The Decade

Music these days has been breaking indefinite barriers on international grounds. People have been listening to music out of their comfort zones and have found that they do, in fact, enjoy the new music. Here are some of the best Thai artists of the decade, in case you might want to give them a shot.

1. Tata Young

Tata Young is a Thai actress, singer, and model. She is of American descent and first began gaining prominence when she placed first in a national singing contest. Tata released her first album in 1995, and it was titled ‘Amita Tata Young’. In the 2000s, Tata enjoyed extreme mainstream popularity throughout East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. She won multiple awards, both domestically and internationally. Tata was titled as the ‘Britney Spears of Asia’ and as ‘Asia’s Queen of Pop’.


2. Bird Thongchai

Albert Thongchai Mclntyre, professionally known as Thongchai Mclntrye or Bird Thongchai, Phi Bird, or just Bird, is a Thai actor and singer. Bird grew up in the slums and was the youngest of 9 children. Bird’s name is among some of the most successful singers in Thai music history. Bird has sold over 25 million albums in his career and is best known for his string and Luk Thung music. Bird received an International MTV Award for his performance in ‘Sunset at Chaophraya’, becoming the first Thai artist to win this award.


3. Golf Mike

Golf-Mike is a pop duo based in Thailand. It comprises of two brothers Pichaya Nitipaisalkul (Golf) and Pirath Nitipaisalkul (Mike). Golf and Mike come from a family of musicians. Their brothers Bark and Sand were also popular musical artists in the late 90s. Golf-Mike first auditioned when they were 14 and 11. Golf-Mike’s first single, ‘Bounce’ was a national and international sensation, making people sway left and right in every corner of the world. They have released multiple albums, but their most successful ones are ‘One By One’ and Golf-Mike’.


4. Palmy

Palmy, born Eve Pancharoen, is a Thai celebrity singer. She is of Belgian and Thai descent, being born to a Thai mother and Belgian father. She is famous as a soloist and for providing vocals for T-Bone, a popular ska band. Palmy is widely known for her barefoot performances and public appearances, so much so that she even held a ‘Barefoot-Themed Concert’.


5. Loso

Loso was a popular Thai rock band formed in 1994. It was led by the singer-composer-guitarist, Seksan Sukpimai (Sek Loso) and had many albums, most of which sold over 1 million copies, while some raised the bars all the way to 3 million copies. Loso was one of the first Thai bands to achieve international success. Loso released their first demo in 1995. In 2003, the group had unfortunately disbanded. Band members Kittisak and Apirath ventured together in a new band, ‘Fahrenheit’, while Seksan decided to go solo under the name, ‘Sek Loso’.


6. Bodyslam

Originally named La-On, Bodyslam is a Thai rock band that was initially comprised of 6 members. In the year 1996, the members entered and won a band competition called ‘Hot Wave Music Awards’. After their win, they signed a contract with the record company Music Bugs, and in 1997, they finally released a self-titled pop-rock album. The band made a comeback in 2002 under the name Bodyslam and shifted their base towards heavier rock music, but with only 3 of the original 6 members.


7. 9x9 (Nine By Nine)

Nine By Nine (also written as 9by9 and 9x9), was a project boy group formed under 4NOLOGUE. The band had debuted in 2018. 9x9 was formed by teaming up 9 young actors in an attempt to see how they perform as a team and a band. The group consisted of Tor, Jackie, Ryu, Jaylerr, James, Third, Ice Paris, Captain, and Porsche. Considering each of these young actors’ popularity, the group quickly became an international sensation. The last song they released was named ‘Eternity’. Eternity was 9x9’s last gift to their fans and tried to convey that even after the band disbands, 9x9 and their fans were linked for eternity. 9x9 held their final concert in 2019 March.


8. Candy Mafia

Candy Mafia began as a group of four girls who made cover videos of Korean pop groups, especially 2NE1 and 4Minute. They went on to receive several awards from dance competitions for their covers. The girls joined Mono Music and underwent two years of rigorous training before finally debuting in 2009 with the song ‘Mafia’. The group was extremely popular in Thailand and well known for its amazing dance routines. It was revealed in 2015 that Candy Mafia had disbanded after their contract had expired with Mono Music. The girls remain good friends till today.


9. Chai Muangsingh

Chai Muangsingh is a renowned Thai Luk (Thai country music that is rooted in the period following the aftermath of World War 2). Chai had debuted in 1961 with Chula Rat, a Luk Thung band. He has recorded various popular melodies like, ‘Sib Ha Yok Yok’, ‘Malai Dok Rak’ and ‘Tham Boon Ruam Chat’. Chai has been titled the ‘Alain Delon of Thailand’ and ‘The Man City Lion’. His amazing performance in his genre of music made him a recipient of the Nation Artists of Thailand (performing arts) in 1995.


10. Peacemaker

Peacemaker was a famous duo in Thailand. They were well known for their heartfelt and beautiful ballads and for their relatable and inspirational lyrics. Peacemaker’s songs were said to hold very deep messages for the youth of Thailand.