Article: Top 10 Idols In K-Pop Who Self Produce The Music

People often have a conception that the K-pop industry creates soulless commercial music. However, many idols have defied such speculations. These idols have taken the K-pop industry to the next level and proved their worth in this field. These artists sing, perform, and also produce their group’s music. Some of these idols have even collaborated with other prolific names in K-pop and abroad.

Here’s the list of the top 10 self-producing idols in K-pop that have impressed us with their music.

1. BTS

The first group on this list should be no other than BTS. BTS has been the face of self-producing K-pop idols ever since their debut. The band’s rap line consists of RM, Suga, and J-hope. They are a part of the band’s music consistently.   They have also released solo mixtapes and singles. Other BTS members have also taken part in writing and composition and released their finished products on Sound cloud. Suga, in particular, has been praised for his production skills and has gone on to produce for Lee Sora, Epik High, and IU. They happen to be some of the greatest names in the Korean music industry. He has also worked with solo singers Suran and Heize.


2. Soyeon Of (G)-IDLE

22- year- old Soyeon established herself as a force to be reckoned with since her 2018 debut. She competed on several survival shows and even grabbed the third spot in ‘Unpretty Rapstar,’ season 3. She first demonstrated her incredible lyricism and competency as a rapper on this platform. She then wrote and co-produce her group’s debut song, ‘Latata.’ The track and the following extended play performed well in Korea and internationally. She also became the first K-pop idol to write an entire album alone with ‘I Trust.’ Apart from (G)I-dle’s songs, she has also worked with senior artists in the industry such as Hyoyeon of SNSD, Key of Shinee, Namjoo of Apink, etc.


3. Woozi Of Seventeen

Woozi is the leader of the Seventeen’s group’s vocal team. He is a multi-instrumentalist and has always been interested in music from a very young age. Woozi has worked on some of the biggest hits the band has produced, including Home and Getting Closer. Fans frequently praise him for his versatility and unique ability to bring out each member’s strength. His teammates, of course, could not be more grateful for his hard work and dedication to the craft.


4. LE.

LE is the mastermind behind EXID’s most popular hits, such as Ah Yeah, Up and Down, and even LIE. Her collaborations with Shinsadong Tiger have produced some of the biggest and most memorable songs in K-pop. It is hard to find a group that hasn’t danced or sang along to Up and Down. The two of them have also worked on rookie group TRI. The making of Troublemaker’s self-titled song involved LE. This song has gone on to become another classic in K-pop. It is fondly referred to as a ‘cultural reset’ by fans.


5. CL (Former Member Of Group 2NE1)

Chae-rin Lee, popularly known by her stage name CL, is a powerful performer and a member of the girl group 2NE1. CL has participated in the making of several 2NE1 songs. In their 2014 album, she managed to write two songs entirely by herself.

Apart from this, CL is also an accomplished solo artist. As a solo artist, CL made her debut with the single “The Baddest Female” in May 2013 and released the solo track “MTBD” in February 2014 as part of 2NE1’s final studio album Crush. Her previous album, ‘In the Name of Love’ was especially praised for her versatile songwriting and fresh feel.


6. Hui Of Pentagon

Hui has been at the forefront of Pentagon’s songs. Along with former members, E’Dawn produced the group’s biggest hit single thus far, Shine. Apart from Pentagon’s albums, he has collaborated with other artists like Wanna One and Shinhwa.

In 2017, Hui co-composed the Produce 101 Season 2 hit song, “Never” and Wanna One’s debut single, “Energetic,” alongside Flow Blow which won by public votes on which song they’d like to see for the group’s debut single.


7. Ilhoon Of BTOB

Many industry professionals have praised Ilhoon for his songwriting and composing skills. This BTOB member was, in fact, an underground rapper which is where he first started producing music. He makes sure that he is involved in his group’s music while also taking time out of his packed schedule to collaborate with other artists in the K-pop world.

Ilhoon got featured in 2YOON’s Harvest Moon EP in 2013 for the track “Nightmare,” where he showed his impressive rapping skills. Some news even circulated of him collaborating with G.NA for the lead single, “Oops!” of the Beautiful Kisses EP.


8. Jin-Young Of B1A4

B1A4’s Jin-young is famous for his composition skills. He gained prominence for his work B1A4’s comeback title ‘Baby I’m Sorry’ in 2012 and received appreciation from several industry professionals. He has also produced songs for other groups, including Mnet’s reality survival program, Produce 101. In 2016, he got recognition as the No.1 Solo Composer for his versatility and strength as a composer.


9. IU

Since her debut at the tender age of 16, IU has come a long way. She quickly established herself as a household name in Korea with her soothing and charming vocals. Throughout her illustrious career, she has worked on more than 50 songs. She has even written and composed original soundtracks for movies and dramas. These include My Mister, The Producers, and Hotel Del Luna, in which she also starred as the lead. She wrote one of her most famous songs, Blueming, entirely by herself.


10. G-Dragon Of BigBang

The ‘King of K-Pop’ needs no introduction. G-Dragon is perhaps the most prolific idol to ever debut. He has written several hits for himself, his group BigBang, and other artists. His chart-topping album ‘Heartbreaker’ truly showcased his capabilities as a songwriter. Some of the biggest songs he has worked on are ‘Loser,’ ‘Fantastic Baby,’ ‘Ringa Linga,’ ‘Sober,’ ‘Zutter,’ and many more.