Article: Top 10 Thai Hilarious Movies

The Thai Entertainment industry is best known for its broad genres of movies like romantic comedy, suspense, mystery. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 hilarious Thai films. These movies will surely make your stomach ache with a giggle of laughter. Here are various forms of comedy- romantic comedy, a dark comedy that will tickle your funny bone.

1. ATM Error

Story of two career-bound overachievers Sua and Jib, who have been in a secret relationship for five years. Working in a bank that follows a "No Fraternization policy" complicates their marriage decision and leads to an everlasting conflict of "who is going to quit the job?" Software error in one of the ATMs of the bank causes loss of 1,30,000 baht. Turning crisis into opportunity couple decides to make a wager that whoever will recover the withdrawn money will remain employed, and others will resign. What will happen when lovers turn to rivals and fight for their career stability, it is something fun to watch. ATM error turned out to be the highest-grossing comedy movie of Thailand.


2. The Cone-Heartiest

It is a story of a goofy banker Ina who catches a con artist named Tower. Instead of turning him to the police, Ina makes a deal with Tower to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend Petch who tricked Ina after borrowing 1,00,000s. The plot becomes intriguing when Tower plans to con Petch with millions. On the other hand, Ina starts feeling drawn towards Tower. Will her love story be successful, or will she be fooled again? Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul and Nadech Kugimiya played the lead roles of Iva and Tower.


3. May Who?

It revolves around the life of a high school girl named May Nhai, who has the secret power to discharge electricity when her heartbeat races. She becomes friends with a class outcast, Pong. Pongdiscovers her secret and promises to hide it. Pong encourages May to confess her feelings to fame, who is the most famous boy in school. The story takes a giant turn when Pong realizes her feeling for May. It causes a never-ending saga of the Love Triangle.


4. Pee Mak

Adapted from the "Mae Nak Phra Khanong" legend of Thai Folklore, this horror-comedy film is Thailand's highest-grossing film of all time. Based on the background of the 19th century of Siam. A man named Mak was serving in the war and met with an accident. A problem arises when the rumour of Mak's death and becoming a powerful ghost starts circulating in the whole village. This series of confusion causes pain for Mak's pregnant wife, Nak. Mak declines the baseless rumours, but the story arrives at a cliffhanger when Mak's friend encounters a real ghost. This ghost chasing leaves the audience giggling and in the mystery of "who is the real ghost?"


5. Oversize Cops

Oversized Cops is a 2017 Thai movie about four overweight police officers who fail to apprehend a thief. They have to reduce their weight within two months, or they have to leave the job. What they go through while facing the rigorous training to shed the pounds. It forms the basis of the plot. Lead roles were played by Sarun Cinsuvapala, Pramote Pathan, Suphachai, Subprasert.


6. Brother Of The Year

Based on the story of two siblings Chut and Jane, who have to spend their life fighting with each other. Despite being a younger sister, Jane can defeat her elder brother Chut in everything that is education, sports, personality. The story takes a turn when Jane meets her perfect suitor Moji. She develops a secret relationship with him. Chut being a spoiled young bachelor, has to learn to take care of himself as his sister plans to marry. This fantastic work can leave you into laughter and crying at the same time. Sibling rivalry and the sweet-sour relationship of brother and sister form the plot of the movie.


7. Suddenly Twenty

It is the adaptation of the successful Korean movie "Miss Granny," jointly produced by CJ Major Entertainment and CJ & M from South Korea. It revolves around a granny named Parn, who appears to be troubling for her family. On hearing that her family plans to send her to a nursing home, Parn becomes heartbroken and goes to a mysterious photo studio to get her last portrait. A strange piece of music turns her into a 20-year-old girl that gives new life to Parn. She decided to live her life in a way that was more fulfilling and meaningful than ever. She joins a music band with her unknowing grandson to live her dream of becoming a singer.


8. Thara Himalaya

Fate encounters between Thiptara, a rural doctor, and a farmworker, Puwanest. What hides behind Puwanes common identity is a big secret. Puwanes is a crown prince of the territory of Parawat. Can there ever be a romantic relationship between a woman of a mediocre family and a man-boy born with a silver spoon? It forms the plot of the movie.


9. Hormones: The Series

This drama highlights the beautiful journey of Thai teenagers through various walks of life. High schoolers' experiences such as relationships, sexuality, ragging, violence. How does family issues affect the life of the teenagers from the crucks of the story?


10. Duang Jai Akkanee

Akkanee and Ajjima, born in a two-feuding family, were enemies due to family issues and misunderstandings. A problem arises when Akkanee realizes his love towards Ajjima and begins the never-ending saga of chasing love. Will they resolve the fight between their family and have a happy ending? It is interesting to watch.