Article: Best Thai Movies Released In The 70s

Certain movies are evergreen. It’s never too late to watch them, and there is certainly nothing like watching them too much. Follow up on this list to add some of the best Thai movies released in the 1970s to your watchlist.

1. Insee Thong (Golden Eagle)

Insee Daeng (Red Eagle) is a masked crime fighter. He uses the personality of a happy-go-lucky drunkard as a means to hide his true identity. But when Insee Daeng’s imposter starts using his good fame to commit murders and crimes, the original Insee Daeng resorts to creating a new alias for himself to fight the imposter and becomes the Insee Thong (Golden Eagle).


2. Magical Love In The Countryside (Monrak Luk Thung)

Monrak Luk Thung tells the love story between a young lady from a wealthy family and a young peasant man. It was a musical-comedy-romance featuring 14 Thai country and folk music. The movie was a huge success and it stayed in cinemas in Thailand for six whole months.


3. Mun Ma Gub Kwan Mud (Out Of Darkness)

Luang Kosit’s daughter, Chonlada, seems to believe that she can help Sek figure out where the meteorites fell. To get some help, they contact the local sea clan where Chonlada has befriended Sarai, the chief’s daughter. All this while, a particular male friend of Chonlada’s starts to become jealous of how much time she spent with Sek. As this friend was nagging about the situation with some of his buddies, the group started off with a song to chide him, while he let out his heart’s deepest desires.


4. Tah Tien

Chaba is a beautiful woman who is actually a magical giant toad. She lives in the jungle with an old man. One day, Narent, a young man from Bangkok, ventured into the jungle to study natural science and zoology. During the course of his stay, Narent ended up adventuring with several beasts until he finally met Chaba.


5. Plae Kao (The Scar)

Kwan and Riam are two young peasants, madly and wildly in love with each other. But they both come from rival families. They had promised to love and cherish each other till the end of time, but their love was put to the test when Riam’s family sold her as a slave to a wealthy family. Riam's mistress did not welcome her as a slave but as a daughter. In her life with her new mistress, Riam began getting influenced by the Western ways that surrounded her. As a nobleman began making advances towards her, Raim was tempted to forget her promised love to Kwan. But when things go wrong back at Riam’s home, she returns, and Kwan tries everything in his power to keep their love alive.


6. Khao Chue Karn

A young and idealistic doctor is posted in a remote province in Thailand. There he is shocked to find out that the district officer is the head of an illegal gambling house, the residents lack access to public services, and all of the officials there are corrupted to the core.


7. The Adventure Of Sudsakorn

The Adventure of Sudsakorn narrates the story of a beautiful mermaid and the son of a minstrel prince, Sudsakorn. His encounters with various ghosts, demons, taming sharks, and dragon-horses proved that Sudsakorn is, in fact, a gifted child.


8. Tongpan

Not long has passed after the 1973 democracy movement. A hoard of university students from Bangkok, plan to venture to the rural parts of Thailand in an attempt to educate them about their cause. In one such town, the students meet an inspiring farmer, Tongpan.


9. Narok Tarutao

Narok Tarutao focuses on the inmates of jail and their elaborate plot to escape. On their way, they have to cross the ferocious prison guards and a swarm of crocodiles. After they make it out of the prison vicinity, they are helped by some native women to get off the island and head towards the mainland, where they are sure to get their long-desired freedom.


10. The Colonel

A Thai intelligence officer is put to task in favour of national security. He must impose a lieutenant colonel who was killed in a neighbouring country’s military. The intelligence officer must walk on the path set by the dead soldier and lead the life of a double agent.