Article: Top 10 Best Dramas Of Kim So Hyun

Kim So Hyun has rightfully become the sweetheart of the K-drama industry. She is one of the most experienced actresses and is only in her early twenties. Her acting is believable and keeps you hooked. From rom-coms to historical intrigues, she has done justice to all her characters. Her cute smile and big expressive eyes make her the perfect adorable and kind female lead. Here are top 10 dramas of Kim So Hyun to appreciate.

1. Bring It On, Ghost

In this cohabitation comedy, Kim So Hyun stars as Kim Hyun Ji, the adorable ghost. Her depiction is both amusing and touching, perfectly capturing the essence of her character. Kim So Hyun's acting abilities clearly shine in this part. She’s so cute and her comedic timing is perfect.

2. Who Are You: School 2015

In this teenage drama, Kim So Hyun gives an outstanding performance as Lee Eun Bi/Go Eun Byul. Her performance is outstanding, given that she’s only 16 years old, perfectly expressing the complexities of her character. Kim So Hyun's acting talent shines through in this part. She was fun to watch and very refreshing.

3. My Lovely Liar

In this exciting drama, Kim So Hyun shines as Mok Sol Hee. Her intelligent and logical attitude to her character adds complexity to the tale, and her chemistry with the male protagonist generates charming romantic moments. Kim So Hyun's performance is compelling and adds to the series' overall attractiveness.

4. River Where The Moon Rises

Kim So Hyun brilliantly captures her character of  Pyeong Gang in this captivating drama. Her portrayal of a smart, ambitious, and badass princess is both convincing and compelling. Kim So Hyun's performance adds depth and authenticity to the story, making her character truly unforgettable.

5. Love Alarm Season 1 And 2

In this bittersweet drama, Kim So Hyun stars as Jo Jo. Her portrayal of Jo Jo is both sympathetic and heartwarming, with street smarts, beauty, and kindness. Kim So Hyun's portrayal is extremely excellent, especially in the sad and heartbreaking parts. You might hate her character first but soon understand her completely.

6. The Tale Of Nokdu

Kim So Hyun delivers a captivating performance as Dong Dong Ju in this historical gender-bending drama. With her smart and spirited character, she brings good energy and hilarious chaos to the role. Her chemistry with the male lead was sweet and swoon worthy.

7. Radio Romance

Kim So Hyun's portrayal of candy girl Song Geu Rim is both relatable and endearing. Her character's passion for radio and her journey to overcome challenges in her career make her a lovable and relatable protagonist. Kim So Hyun's natural and genuine acting resonates with viewers.

8. The Emperor: Owner Of The Mask

Kim So Hyun's portrayal of Han Ga Eun, a young woman torn between her quest for vengeance and her growing feelings for the crown prince. Her performance captures the essence of a damsel in distress while showcasing her chemistry with the male lead. Kim So Hyun's appearance in traditional hanbok attire adds to the authenticity of the role.

9. Nightmare Teacher

Kim So Hyun's portrayal of Kang Ye Rim in the mystery drama adds depth to the character's bravery and intelligence as she confronts bizarre and scary events. Despite limited screen time, her performance is convincing and contributes to the overall suspense of the story.

10. Ma Boy

Kim So Hyun's portrayal of Jang Geu Rim in the cross-dressing mini-series brings a refreshing and enjoyable dynamic to the story. Her character is fun and sweet, adding light-heartedness to the series.