Article: Top 10 Korean Movies And Dramas Of Kim So-Hyun

Kim So Hyun is regarded as one of the most talented and beloved actresses in South Korea. She has a particular place in the hearts of theatre fans all around the world thanks to her outstanding talent and capacity to bring life to a variety of characters. In this essay, I examine the top ten dramas that best showcase Kim So Hyun's exceptional acting talent and have had a long-lasting influence on the Korean entertainment industry.

1. Love Alarm

The "Love Alarm" smartphone app was developed by a high schooler and was later revealed in the series. If someone likes you and is within 10 meters of you, the app's alert will go off. Kim Jo Jo is a talented and attractive high school student. She appears to be a joyful person, even if she bears wounds from the deaths of his parents when she was a young child. Meanwhile, Hwang Sun Oh (Song Kang), a pleasant and well-liked male student at the same high school, is Kim Jo Jo's classmate. His parents don't care about him, despite the fact that he comes from an affluent household. His closest friend, Lee Hye-yeong, attends the same high school. Hwang Sun Oh learned that Kim Jo Jo was the object of Lee Hye Yeong's affection, who was his best friend. Hwang Sun Oh kissed Kim Jo Jo to see whether his friend did like him.

2. Who Are You: School 2015

Go Eun Byul is the most well-liked girl at Sekang High School, the most elite private high school in Seoul's Gangnam neighborhood. She is being teased at school, while her twin Lee Eun Bi, lives at an orphanage. Then, Eun Byul vanishes without a trace one day. Soon after, Eun Bi begins to forget things and is identified as Eun Byul. Then, Eun Bi starts to live as Eun Byul.

3. River Where The Moon Rises

Pyeong Gang is a woman with enormous goals and boundless ambition who was born a princess and reared as a soldier. Pyeong Gang is adamant about realizing her dream of being the first Empress of Goguryeo and will do anything to achieve it. Bright and composed, Pyeong Gang is well aware of the challenges in her path but is more than capable of overcoming them. The day she meets On Dal, a peace-loving man whose only ambition is to live in harmony with those around him, things, however, take an unexpected turn. Pyeong Gang's thirst for dominance may cost her everything as she is forced to compete against some of the most infuential individuals in Goguryeo on both wits and brute force.

4. The Tale Of Nokdu

Living on an island with his father and older brother is Jeon Nok Du. He's witty and a skilled swordsman. His father had forbidden him from going to school or the mainland ever since he was a young child. One day, a bunch of female assassins attack his father and older brother. To the capital, Jeon Nok Du pursues one of the assassins. Jeon Nok Du meets Dong Dong Ju at that moment. She intends to use her arrow to kill the King, but Jeon Nok Du spares her from harm. The assassin whom Jeon Nok Du is pursuing enters a community of widows in the meantime. Jeon Nok Du poses as a lady and enters the widow's home to learn who and why his family was attacked. He runs into Dong Dong Ju once more there. She is a prospective gisaeng apprentice.

5. Bring It On, Ghost

An exorcist college kid with the capacity to see and hear ghosts cohabits with a high school female ghost who has been dead for five years. Over the years, he has learned that he can touch them and repel them. As a result, when he needs a part-time job but cannot find one that pays well enough, he begins posting online advertising as an exorcist for hire. Will battle your spirits, says his advertisement. Virgin ghosts have an 80% winning chance, bachelor ghosts a 40%, children ghosts a 97%, and the remainder a 50% chance. One night, while on duty, he engages in combat with a ghostly schoolgirl; incidentally, they kiss, and sparks fly.

6. Unforgettable

23 years ago, he heard the voice of his first love. A letter from a well-known figure is sent during a live broadcast and surprises radio DJ "Hyung-joon" one day. 'Jung-suok,' his first love from 23 years ago and the love buried away in a corner of his heart, is the one who wrote the letter. There has been so much happiness, love, and tragedy this summer.

7. My Lovely Liar

Mok Sol Hee is a young woman with a remarkable and supernatural talent: no matter how hard someone tries to hide the truth, she can "hear" their lies. She is now jaded and has lost all faith in other people, believing that they are all morally bankrupt due to her superpower. But everything changes when she meets Kim Do Ha, a prominent music producer. As a result of his involvement in a murder investigation, Kim Do Ha has fled his home and taken refuge next door to Mok Sol Hee. The only person aware of Kim Do Ha's secret is Jo Deuk Chan, the head of the talent agency J Entertainment and the producer's closest friend.

8. Radio Romance

Radio show writer Song Geu Rim isn't exceptionally gifted at writing. Despite having the desire, ambition, and drive, she is still only able to write as an assistant. The radio was the only thing she and her blind mother could share when they were little. She became a writer because she found comfort in radio music and loved it above all else. When her radio show is about to be canceled, she is successful in getting the top actor Ji Su Ho, who is unable to perform without a script.

9. Reset

Cha Woo Jin is an attorney. Seung Hee, his first love, was murdered fifteen years ago. Since then, he has dedicated his time to cases involving violent crimes. Jo Eun Bi, a female high school student, gets involved in the investigation as he searches for the offender. Cha Woo Jin collaborates with Section Chief Han and a prosecutor investigative officer.

10. The Suspicious Housekeeper

Park When their mother passes away, a mysterious maid named Bok Nyeo hires the family of one father, two daughters, and two sons. Bok Nyeo leads the family in mending their scars and forging new relationships while being expressionless and unfriendly.