Article: Top 10 Japanese Romantic Comedy Dramas

These are our best selections for Japanese romantic dramas; whether you're a happy pair or single like us, you'll find plenty to love from our list. Japanese plays can be funny, moving, or thrilling. They are also frequently sweet and brief, which makes them the ideal snack for bingeing that you may be desiring. However, some instances are so awkward that you want to cover your eyes and scream. What kind of romance drama is it if not for these heartwarming moments?

1. Hana Yori Dango

Widely popular as f4, Hana Yori Dango is about a diligent poor girl who accidentally ends up at a prestigious school for the wealthy in an academy ruled by f4, a popular bully who attracted everyone. Eventually, tskushi becomes the target of f4, and the days keep getting worse before she finally starts developing feelings for Kanazawa Rui; her relationship gets complicated when her enemy, the leader of the bullies, begins to pursue her romantically. Love triangle interests us, but Hana Yori Dango is filled with laughter and is strong on friendships.

2. Hanazakari No Kimitachi E

This humorous comedy revolves around the chaos, mischief, and friendship at a guys' boarding school when a girl dressed as a boy enrolls. Miyuzi Ashiya has just returned from California. She decides to transfer to Osaka to be near Izumi Sano, whom she likes. However, the problem arises when he studies in an all-boys school, but that doesn't stop her. She gets a haircut, disguises herself as a guy, and enters. She also became his roommate. But it didn't take long for her identity to become known, and her companion started to feel a connection with her. Things got complicated when her classmates also began to fall for her, and her brother came to bring her back to the USA.

3. Q10

The series revolves around a love story and chaos that follows when a guy falls in love with a robot. The principal brought the girl to the lab. Drunk Jiro discovers the girl in the garbage and decides to take her to his home. But after identifying that she wasn't breathing, he chose to get help from Heita's classroom teacher. They notice that the girl is a robot with human looks. The principal feared a scandal and decided to keep her at school. They should keep this a secret, and under the situation, Heita becomes the caretaker for the robot, not realizing that he has fallen in love with her.

4. Fake Couple

The series revolves around the concept of fake marriage. Hiro Kamen works as a librarian. She loves books. She despises humans while being adored by males as their perfect embodiment. She was heartbroken when Choi, her ex-boyfriend, left in the middle of the night. Choi didn't even explain the abrupt leave. She has become a person who no longer believes in love and has decided to live alone for life. However, Choi reentered her life. Hiro decides to confront him as to why he left her. Choji Himura tells her something she has never thought of, and Choji Himura also tells her that he wants to marry her.

5. Bijo Ka Yajuu

The series shows how opposites attract. Makoto Tamiya studied at Harvard University and received an MBA. Makoto is a woman who believes that the TV program is a product.JBC's news producer wants to employ Makoto to help boost poor viewing numbers. He convinces her to work for him for excessively high pay and grants her the authority to recruit anybody she desires. While she is called the savior of the department, Nagase Hiromi gets moved to the department. He's an outrageous man who argues that life is for living and that the program is only a tool. Hiromi is a lively person who claims that life is to enjoy and boasts that the program is a process in life.

6. Kamen Rider Deno-O

Kamen Rider deno-o is the seventeenth entry in the popular Kamen Rider Series of tokusatsu programs. Ryotaro Nogami is a young man with bad luck. One day, his life changes when he gets a mysterious train pass to a large time-traveling train. Then, things get more shocking when he has a monster named Imagin, the formless monster from the future that takes on forms relying on their host's imagination. However, he was able to resist the possession of imagination. His first Imagin is a hot-headed, violent Imagin, dubbed Momotaros, who transforms into Kamen Rider Den-O, traveling through time on the DenLiner to combat the evil Imagin to prevent them from altering the past to harm the present and future. Though this ride is in use with monsters creeping around, it is full of various fun moments.

7. Nodame Cantabile

The series revolves around the relationship between a model student and an average girl. Shinichi Chiaki is an arrogant snob who is a perfectionist and a top student at Momogaoka College. He was born into a high-class musical family and has traveled abroad. He secretly dreams of being a conductor. However, he has a phobia of airplanes and the ocean, which explains his imprisonment in Japan. On the contrary, Nodame is a piano student who is messy and disorganized. She aspires to be a kindergarten teacher. Once, by accident, they both met each other. Nodame falls in love at first sight, although it takes time for Shinchi to appreciate her. That humorous comedy features a talented young ensemble cast and features wonderful classical music throughout.

8. Dame Na Watashi Ni Koishite Kudasai

The story is about a struggling woman and her tragedies that make you laugh. Michiko is unable to find work after her previous employer went bankrupt. She is also supporting her younger lover and is having difficulty economically. Her savings also went down. Then, She meets her scary ex-boss, who is now running a tearoom handed down by his grandmother. She had no other alternative and decided to work there part-time. She is in trouble every day, and Ayumu helps her. That allowed Michiko to see a different side of him that she never noticed before.

9. Boku Unmei No Hito Desu

Makoto Masaki and Haruko Kogetsu have been neighbors since their childhood. They have passed each other at various places, such as the beach and shrines. But they were both unaware of each other. However, Masaki is approached by a guy who introduces himself as God. He informs Masaki that the man who works next door is her soul match. She doesn't waste time and hurries over to Haruko to tell him that she is his destiny.

10. Nigeru Wa Haji Da Ga Yaku Ni Tatsu

That tale is about a 25-year-old protagonist. Mikuri is a graduate in psychology and is a licensed clinical psychologist, and often analyses Hiramasa. She was a temporary employee but was fired. So, she is left unemployed and stressed. She got the chance to become a housekeeper at Hiramasa's home. She was desperate for a source of income, so she accepted the employment. To ensure a place to reside and a reliable source of income, she gets into a contract marriage with Hiramasa after finding out that her parents are planning to go to the country after her father retires.