Article: Top 10 Japanese Movies Available On OTT Platforms

OTT is the ideal platform for directly reaching your target audience with your content and offering a premium video experience that you control. Suppliers may obtain quick customer feedback via OTT through direct engagement and contact. With all of the benefits of watching movies on an OTT platform in mind, let's look at some of the top Japanese films available on the platform.

1. Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla is a fantastic action film that has received international acclaim. A mysterious disaster happens on Tokyo Bay's Aqua Line, prompting the formation of an emergency cabinet. A massive beast arrives out of nowhere, killing town after town on its path to the capital. This enigmatic creature is known as "Godzilla." It is available on Netflix.


2. Ring

The Ring is an influential Japanese horror film that introduced many people to Japanese horror films. The plot and cinematography are exhilarating and intriguing, making you watch the entire movie even if you are too terrified! Reiko Asakawa, the director of a TV station, is concerned by the unexplained deaths of four interviewed people about a Japanese urban legend. It's accessible on Netflix.


3. Ju-On

Ju-On: Origins commences with the death of a character who carries a fit of anger, setting in motion an incredible and confusing curse. A landlord's son holds a lady prisoner in residence and sexually abuses her. When the lady became pregnant, everyone presumed that the baby perished along with her. But that is far from the case. Netflix has this film.


4. Mother

'Mother,' Netflix's latest original Japanese film, has a gloomy and distressing tale about the realities of dominating and abusive parenting. This Japanese film is about toxic parenting, emotional torment, and one mother's power over her young, unstable family.


5. Battle Royale 

Battle Royale takes place in a dystopian society in which the government forces Japanese adolescents to fight to control the population of juvenile delinquents. The story revolves around a group of ninth-grade kids who are banished to a deserted island. They got a map, some food, and several weapons. An explosive collar has been connected to their neck. Suppose they break a rule, the collar bursts. Their objective was to assassinate each other and be the last one standing. The last survivor on the island is allowed to leave. If more than one survivor is found, the collars rupture, killing all of them. It's accessible on Netflix.


6. Erased

Satoru Fujinuma is continuously pushed back 18 years after his mother's death at their own house. After reliving the life-threatening circumstances, Satoru must find a way to avoid future occurrences involving his friends and spare his mother from being killed. It is a riveting story propelled by some outstanding performances. Erased has a meandering narrative, but it will keep you interested. Netflix has it.


7. A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice showcases teen bullying from a soberingly hard-hitting angle that is unusual for the animated medium. The video takes a novel and fascinating approach to the all-too-common Japanese issue of school bullying. It is about the friendship of two high school students, Shoya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya. When Shoko, a deaf student, begins as a new student in a regular elementary class, Shoya insults her about her disability. But karma struck Shoya smack in the face when he transferred to a new school, leaving him regretting his actions toward Shoko.


8. Rurouni Kenshin 

Rurouni Kenshin follows the exploits of a young traveling swordsman who stumbles onto a struggling martial arts school in Meiji, Japan. Himura Kenshin, the famed Hitokiri of the Meiji Revolution, is focused. Himura Kenshin is the main character. He arrives in Tokyo in 1878 and settles in the Kamiya Dojo, where his loyalty is tested as he fights to keep the country at peace. Netflix has this movie.


9. Confessions

Confessions is the story of Yoko Moriguchi, a middle school teacher whose life is turned upside down after the death of her 4-year-old daughter. Yoko Moriguchi eventually concludes that some of her classmates caused her daughter's death. An extensive scheme of vengeance is devised, including forcing pupils to drink HIV-tainted milk. A spine-chilling Japanese thriller about a mother's devotion for her daughter and her plan for never-ending revenge. It is available on the OTT platform Netflix.


10. My Tomorrow Your Yesterday

Takatoshi Minamiyama, a student majoring in Art at a university in Kyoto, is the protagonist of My Tomorrow Your Yesterday. He meets Emi Fukuju on the train to school and falls in love with her at first sight. He speaks to her, mustering all of his bravery. They start dating and have fun together, then Emi exposes her secret to him. It is available on Netflix.