Article: Top 10 Professions That K-Dramas Have Promoted

Korean Dramas always try to experiment with their genres and themes for new dramas. With that experiment comes the experiment with professions and promotions of different mainstream and unique professions with the focus on struggles and shortcomings of the same too. K-dramas like to keep it accurate when dealing with their shows while also showing how much dedication and importance that professions hold for society. As an Asian, being a doctor is not the only thing, here in the article, some varied professions from being an Art curator to a female bodyguard to doctors, all range is covered.

1. Medicine- Hospital Playlist

The drama with genres of Romance, Comedy, and Medicine follows the story of five doctors who have been close friends since college and remain friends throughout their lives and the challenges as doctors and shows us how everyday life is not an easy ride. The cast is Jo Jung-suk, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Jung Kyung-Ho, Dae-Myung Kim, and Jeon Mi Do.


2. Modeling/Acting- Record Of The Youth

The Park-Park couple drama, starring Park Bo-Gum and Park So-Dam, shows us the struggles of model-turned actors and make-up artists, and the difficulties that social status brings in achieving your dreams. The drama shows us some coming-of-age problems, highly relatable characters, and modern-day love stories.


3. Boxing- Fight For My Way

The drama consists of actors like Park Seo-Joon, Kim Ji-won, and Ahn Jae-hong, and Song Ha-Yoon. The drama is of the romantic comedy genre but follows the story of Dong Man, who used to be a taekwondo player but stopped yet ended up pursuing his dream, after starting mixed martial art fighting.


4. Entrepreneurship- Start-Up

One of the most aspiring dramas of the time is Start-Up. The show follows the struggles of starting a start-up and how much sacrifice and talent goes into success. It shows us the cutthroat competition for young aspiring people who want to involve themselves in start-ups and turn their dreams into a reality.


5. Art Curator- Her Private Life

One of the least talked about professions is that of an Art curator, which was shown finely by this drama. Sun Deok Mi played by Park Min Young, who works at an art gallery and is secretly an idol fan-girl. The drama is of the romantic comedy genre and is a good watch that wants to get insights into the life of a curator.


6. Stuntman- Vagabond

One of the biggest budgeted dramas follows the story of a stuntman who had always aspired to be an action actor but, due to his situation, ends up not following it through. The drama is a thriller, action drama that falls into the trap of conspiracies and darker secrets of the country.


7. Baseball Player- Prison Playbook

Baseball is a significant theme in the dark comedy, Prison playbook which has a huge ensemble cast. The main lead, Kim Je Hyeok, played by Park Hae-soo, gets convicted while trying to protect his sister, with excessive self-defense and his struggles with playing in major leagues, and how he overcomes such struggles and continues to practice in the jail.


8. Female Bodyguard- Strong Girl Bong Soon

The drama starring the Park-park couple, Park Bo-young, and Park Hyung-Shik is a fantasy, thriller, action, and romantic comedy all in one. Bong Soon played by Bo-young is a woman with superhuman strength which is why she becomes Ahn Min Hyuk’s bodyguard, who is the CEO of a gaming company called Ainsoft.


9. Makeup Artist- True Beauty And Record Of The Youth

One of the most trending and popular jobs in Korea, ever since the growth of entertainment companies and trends of make-up, these jobs gained its momentum. It was recently shown in two dramas, True Beauty, where main lead Lim Ju-Kyung gained confidence ever since she learned makeup and turned it into her profession and the struggles of a newbie makeup artist in Record of Youth.


10. Translator- Run on

The main lead, Oh Mi-Joo played by Shin Se-Kyung, is a subtitle writer for translations in movies. The movie fanatic who works nights out trying to interpret every word with the emotions that feel in the scenes and romanticizes the field of the lesser-known area of translation is intriguing about the drama.