Article: Top Ten Underrated Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas To Watch In 2021

The Korean entertainment industry is a force to be reckoned with in producing creative and engaging content. The interest shown by the international audience from all parts of the world is proof of the amount of exposure received by this industry. However, Korean dramas are in a league of their own as they are often short-spanned with a total of approximately 16 episodes – just enough to leave the audience hanging. It is essential to get a good catalog of what to watch when starting. Choosing the wrong one to watch can be a big turn-off, especially when stepping into a whole new realm.

In this article, we would like to satisfy the romanticist in you by throwing at you some excellent Korean romantic comedy dramas that are an absolute must-watch.

1. The Beauty Inside

‘The Beauty Inside’ with Seo Hyun-Jin and Lee Min-Ki, is a story of a culminating romance between a top actress rumored to harbor many secrets and an airline director. The airline director cannot recognize or recollect faces while the actress changes into a different person every month. This drama is a light-hearted one with a pinch of anticipation serving the viewers.


2. Another Miss Oh!

The next romcom to add to this list is ‘Another Miss Oh!’ Eric Min plays the role of the guy sabotaging the wedding of the woman who has the same name as the woman that left him at the altar. Having crossed paths again, they get closer as they spend time with each other.


3. Marriage, Not Dating

’Marriage, Not Dating’ is another rom-com that fits the bill perfectly. Gong Gi-Tae played by Yeon Woo-Jin, a wealthy plastic surgeon has no interest in marriage. He brings home a marriage-loving Joo Jang-mi to pose as his girlfriend in front of his parents. They eventually form a bond through marriage mishaps and fall in love.


4. Beating Again

‘Beating Again’ stars Jung Kyung-Ho as a cynical and sociopath investment banker Kang Min-Ho whose heart beats again after a heart transplant. His new heart is donated to him by a detective declared brain dead from an accident. A change of heart changes Kang Min-Ho making him fall for the fiancé of the heart donor, Soon Jung.


5. My Strange Hero

A high school student Kang Bok Su, who goes against anyone wrong, is betrayed by his girlfriend and best friend. Now, as a grown man, he wants to get his revenge and returns to his school only to fall in love due to an unexpected turn of events.


6. Familiar Wife

‘Familiar Wife’ depicts the story of Cha Joo-Hyuk going back in time when given a chance. He finds everything changed along with his wife. Ji Sung plays Cha Joo-Hyuk, who navigates through the life of having changed relationships.


7. Come Back Mister

Adding another underrated gem to this list, ‘Come Back Mister’ is a story of how two men who died due to different reasons come back to life in new bodies to finish their unfinished business on Earth.


8. Wok Of Love

A former star chef Seo Poong and a broke heiress Sae Woo try to get their lives back on track with the help of ChilSeong. Chil Seong opened a shabby Chinese restaurant across a 6-star hotel. How they overcome these challenges while handling their relationships forms the plot of Wok of Love.


9. Strongest Deliveryman

‘Strongest Delivery Man’ is a story of two food delivery workers overcoming their social and financial disadvantages to achieve their goals while finding love.


10. Beautiful Gong-Shim

Last on the list, but not the least – ‘Beautiful Gong-Shim’ is about Gong-Shim who wants to go abroad for higher art studies. She gives her rooftop room on rent to a lawyer for some extra money. This decision turns her life upside down and brings romance along the way.