Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Who Have Studied Abroad

Actors of the Korean film industry are loved worldwide, their fame is proliferating, and they enjoy a devoted and loyal fanbase. In recent times, Korean artists have proved to be household names all over the world. Apart from good looks and on-screen talent, some actors are immensely talented and intelligent in real life as well. These actors are a perfect blend of intelligence, good looks, and other skills. So here is a list of some superbly talented Korean actors and idols that went to study abroad and have knowledge of cultures and languages apart from Korean:

1. Seo Yea-Ji

This actress pursued her major in journalism from the University of Madrid, Spain and also knows how to speak the local language. She was born in the year 1990 and made her debut in the year 2013. Her latest work is a 2021 movie named ‘Recalled’. Furthermore, the 2020 drama named ‘It’s Okay To Be Not Okay’ can be considered as her best work till date.


2. Jung Ryeo Won

Jung Ryeo-won was a student of international business at Griffith University in Australia. She was born in Seoul in the year 1981 and made her debut with a drama named ‘My Name Is Kim Sam-soon’ and she is also a part of a girl group called Chakra.


3. Jung Eun Chae

Best known for her role in ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’, Jung Eun-chae pursued her major in textile designing from Central Saint Martins for which she lived in London for the duration of the course. She was born in Busan in 1986.


4. Choi Woo Shik

This 1990 born actor is best known for his performance in an Oscar-winning movie, ‘Parasite’. He pursued his degree in arts from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. Consequently, this actor settled in Canada after moving to the country at a young age.


5. Park Min Young

Park Min-young attended high school in America and can speak English very well. During her time in that country, she even used her English name, Rachel, as her identity. Moreover, this young actress is loved by the audience for her leading role in a very popular drama called ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’


6. Ahn Hyo Seop

Ahn Hyo Seop moved to Canada at a very young age and did his schooling there. He returned to Korea at the age of 17 and is now an actor by profession. He is best known for his appearances in ‘My Father Is Strange’ and ‘Dr Romantic 2’.


7. Han Ye Seul

This actress who starred in ‘Birth Of The Beauty’ and ‘20th Century Boy And Girl’ did her majors in computer graphics from a university in Los Angeles named Cerritos College. She was born in 1981 in the US.


8. Kim Go Eun

She was born in the year 1991 and is popular for her role in shows like ‘Cheese in the Trap’, ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’, ‘Guardian: The Lonely’, ‘Great God’ and many more. She did her schooling in Beijing, China, as her family shifted there when she was young. As a result, the actress is fluent in the Mandarin language as well.


9. Jae Park

His family moved to Argentina when he was very young therefore he completed his primary education in Buenos Aires and later shifted to America for further studies. This Pop idol is now living in Korea and pursuing his career as a singer.


10. Young K

Born in Seoul in the year 1993, young K is a singer, songwriter, musician and rapper. He went to Canada at a young age and studied there for four years. He is currently a member of a popular boy band, ‘Day6’ and is admired widely for his talent.