Article: 10 Thai Dramas With Sad Endings

These are some heavy-hearted Thai series that will bring you to tears, and you will get gloomy even years after having watched them. These are painful to watch, but these series are worth watching. These heart-wrenching plots will make you cry and laugh. These brutal endings will make you tear up, but it will be worth it. The series are about loneliness, one-sided love, falling out of love, and romantic relationships that don’t always work out. These series are emotionally draining, but you won’t feel that you shouldn’t have watched them.

1. Game Rai Game Rak

The series is about Saichon, an inhabitant of Min island, who discovers a senseless girl, Fahlada lying on the beach. She is just seventeen years old, and she woke up to learn that she has no memory of her past. Saichon helps her to get better and names her Nang Fah which means angel. He doesn't know her original name, and they develop feelings for each other. Chompooprae is the adopted sister of Fahlada, and she sees Fahlada’s picture in a magazine based on tourism. Chompooprae recruits Yasa to bring back Fahlada because, without it, the Fahlada family business would fail. Fahlada doesn't want to go and fights back, but Saichon gets shot. He got left by himself to treat his wounds. Fahlada gets therapy till she gets her memory back. She doesn't remember anything about the moment she spent with Saichon or the island. Chompooprae fabricated the story and did not give any information about the island. Saichon regains his consciousness to learn that Nang Fah left him. He goes to Bangkok to find her but fails. Saichon returns from America to look after his airline firm in Thailand. Saichon meets Chompooprae and becomes her company partner. She is P'Mor’s fiance, but she develops feelings for Saichon. Chompooprae introduces Saichon with Fahlada. Saichon is glad to meet her again, but he becomes furious when he knows that she doesn't remember anything about him or the time they spent together.

2. Rak Rae

The series is about Ramin, the secretary of Vienna. He meets Wayoon and is studying the language. Ramin has got taught to stay away from girls because they are behind his wealth. He believed that Wayoon was also after his money. He started avoiding her but couldn't control his feelings. Wayoon develops genuine feelings for him, and Ramin also can't help but feel the same. They had mutual feelings for each other, so they decided to sleep together. Wayoon gets pregnant, and Ramin tells her to get an abortion. Ramin’s aunt tells her to get an abortion in exchange for money and to go away from their lives. Wayoon is devastated and has almost decided to get the baby aborted. But she gets a dream about a child calling her mom, and she changes her mind. She kept attending school while pregnant, and Nicholas, her best friend, helped her to get through the tough times. Nicholas develops feelings for Wayoon. Wayoon has completed her studies and has become a translator for the United Nations. She crosses paths with Ramin again, who is now a Thai ambassador. Ramin thought she had aborted the baby but discovered the daughter was not three years old. Ramin tries to win her back, but she is now dating Nicholas.

3. Roy Leh Sanae Rai

The series is about Kongpop and Namnueng's fathers, who started a pub together and were best friends. The business was doing well, but Kongpop’s father deceived him and took over the company. Kongpop’s father was on his deathbed and decided to give a massive amount of money to Namnueng’s father to pay back for all he did. When Kongpop returned from America, he discovered that the will was not his now. He decided to marry Namnueng and make her sign the papers. Namnueng got to know the truth about Kongpop. But Kongpop fell in love with Namnueng.

4. Leh Ratree

The series is about an innocent girl, Kate, and her father, who owes money to Sake's but he is unable to pay back the money. He gets admitted to the hospital because of his fragile heart condition. Sake meets Kate at the hospital, and Kate’s father decides to pay back Sake by giving his daughter for marriage. He knew Sake’s family, was eagerly looking for a bride, and they would accept Kate. Sake develops feelings for Kate. But Sake’s ex-wife, Itsala, tries to win him back because she still believes that he is in love with her and has not moved on.

5. Padiwaradda

The series is about Rin Rapee, who respects her adoptive father by agreeing to pretend to be his birth daughter because her father made a pact with his best friend to get their daughter and son married to each other when they grow up. Saran is a hostile person and has not moved on from his previous relationship. They get married, and Saran gets to know the truth. But he is in love with Rin, and he doesn’t want to let her go. But things get complicated when Saran’s past relationship comes back to them, and Rin is guilty because of something she has been hiding about her father.

6. Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised

The series is about a doctor, Sattawat, and his mother, who is addicted to gambling. She has lost a lot of money because of this addiction. Anusaniya's family is wealthy, and Sattawat’s mother needs to pay them back, but she doesn’t have any money left. Sattawat’s mother, along with Anusaniya's aunt, plans to make them marry each other. Anusaniya learns that his half-uncle is in love with her, and he breaks up with Somika, his girlfriend, because of Anusaniya. Anusaniya gets left with no option but to marry Sattawat. Somika falls in love with Sattawat but discovers that he has married Anusaniya. She decides to ruin their marriage.

7. Ngao Asoke

The series is about Bpeeyachat and who got orphaned at a young age and meets Monthai, who came from a wealthy family. They both become good friends. Bpeeyachat’s only guardian was her grandmother, who departed in a car accident. She starts to live with Viyada, and she is Monthai’s fiance. Monthai moved abroad for his studies because he couldn't bear his mother’s envy. He keeps sending letters to Viyada, but they get answered by Bpeeyachat because Viyada had multiple affairs. Monthai’s mother's health starts ailing, and he relies on Viyada to take care of her. But Bpeeyachat is on her side when Viyada is out. When Monthai returns from abroad, he sees Bpeeyachat by her mom’s side and thinks she is pretending to be Viyada for his wealth. But he later realizes he is wrong when Viyada returns to his house.

8. Peuan Paeng

The series is about two sisters, Peuan and Paeng, who fall in love with Lor. Peuan is the egoistic elder sister, and Paeng is the carefree young sister. Lor got adopted by Por Pit, and he got brought up with Peuan and Paeng. He takes care of Paeng after his parents pass away. She developed feelings for him. But Lor got engaged to Peuan and promised her to die if he fell for another woman. Lor gets ill because of catching malaria, and he gets taken to the city. He gets accompanied by Peuan and Paeng. Peuan fell for a wealthy man while Paeng took care of Lor.


9. Wanida

The series is about Wanida, the beloved daughter of loan shark Dao. She is kind-hearted, strong-willed, and charming. Mejar Prajak Mahasak is an ideal son and compassionate. Wanida and Mejar Prajak Mahasak meet with an accident, and they start disliking each other. Mejar Prajak Mahasak’s brother owes money to Wanida's father, Dao. He decided to get Wanida married to him, but he ran away. Mejar Prajak Mahasak has to wed Wanida, and soon fondness grows between them.

10. You’re My Destiny

The series is about Pawut, the inheritor of a well-known company, and Wanida works in a law firm. Pawut was going to propose to Kaekai, his longtime girlfriend, and Wanida was going to sleep with her boyfriend. But Wanida took medicine for the cold and felt dizzy. Pawut was drugged, and they both slept together. Wanida later finds out that she is pregnant.