Article: Top 10 Most Streamed Male K-Pop Artist

What is K-Pop? Why are people so addicted to it? It is so because they have the best music and choreography. The world is now engaging with K-op more than they were. Many groups in the South Korean Music Industry are getting known outside Asia. They have the largest fandom, and their music is listened a lot. Their music is streamed a lot on different social media accounts. There are many platforms on which their songs are getting streamed. They are like- Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. They are creating a different and big music sensation around the world. These boy K-pop groups have also created histories in the music industry. Many Hollywood singers have collaborated with many South Korean boy groups. These boy groups are getting famous with their songs and unique choreography. Here are the top 10 most streamed male K-pop artists that you have probably heard at least once in a while.

1. BTS

Do we need to give an introduction about this boy group? BTS is the most famous group that has won many awards and has performed in many different award shows. It does not matter where their songs are listened to. Millions of listeners are listening to their songs every day. Their fandom is big and supportive of them. Every song released by them has reached a million views. BTS are the ones who have made the South Korean Music Industry the most famous. Their songs are listened to in many different parts of the world. They have removed the language barrier between their fans and them. Their concerts are always full, and their merch gets out of stock within seconds. They are the most streamed male K-pop artists around the world.

2. Tomorrow X Together

TXT is getting known around the world. This group has also taken part in different events around the world. They have also collaborated with other groups and singers. Their recent collaboration with the Jonas Brothers has gained much attention worldwide. Have you listened to them? If not, then go and listen. You will love it. TXT is making its place in the music industry outside the K-pop world. They have also collaborated with the famous female Brazilian singer and songwriter Anitta. Their songs are getting millions of views. Their fandom is from around the world from different parts of the country.

3. Seventeen

Do you know Seventeen? If not, then you are missing something incredible and unique. There are thirteen members in the group. You will get to know about them. Seventeen is the other popular group. They are making their way to success through their incredible songs. Their songs are the best to grove on. Their songs can make you emotional and dance on the floor. Their recent songs are getting streamed a lot, and they deserve it.

4. Enhypen

Have you heard the song Drunk Dazed? Enhypen is also making its way as the most streamed male K-pop artist. Their songs are amazing. They have also taken part in different variety shows and gained much popularity through these shows. Their recent song Bite Me has gotten many praises. Even Bite Me (Japanese Version) has been streamed a lot. Enhypen is becoming the biggest K-pop group whose music is getting more popular.

5. Stray Kids

Who hasn't heard the name Stray Kids? They have performed on the VMA stage. And their popularity has grown so much. Their recent song- S-Class, has been streamed a lot. Not only this, but other songs have gained popularity both inside and outside Asia. Stray Kids deserved to be on the list- the most streamed male K-pop artists.

6. EXO

EXO has been the most popular since it debuted. Do you know why they have been the most streamed? Of course, because of their songs. They also perform in different languages like Korean, Mandarin, and Japanese. They also have the largest fandom in the South Korean Music Industry. Maybe they are taking a break due to the military, but still, they are the most popular compared to other groups.

7. Treasure

Treasure is a South Korean boy band which debuted in 2019. Most of the songs on Spotify and YouTube have streamed a lot. Their recent albums have gained much popularity. Their music and beats and the choreography are perfect. There were 12 members in the group, and now it is 10, but their popularity has gained so much recognition.

8. Ateez

Ateez is another famous South Korean boy band whose songs have been streamed the most on many social media platforms. Their group debuted in 2018. Their songs Wonderland and Guerrilla have been more popular than the other songs. They have won many awards. They have won as Artist Of The Year in 2022. Their songs are enjoyable and will make you dance. They have been making their place in the Korean Music Industry and on different social media platforms.

9. Monsta X

You have probably heard of their song, Love Killa. Right? Monsta X's songs have been famous, but this has caught the eye of many people. The lyrics, the music, and the vocals all are so perfect. The group debuted in 2019. The team made it through a survival show named No Mercy under Starship Entertainment. Their fandom is called Monobebe. It is so unique. Right? Their songs are as incredible as they are. You will love it when you listen to their songs.

10. NCT 127

NCT has the largest team in the South Korean Music Industry. NCT 127 has been a part of them. Their songs are amazing. Their songs have also become the most streamed. Not only on Spotify but on other platforms, their songs have gained much popularity. The group concepts are unique and incredible. It would be incomplete without adding them to the list- the most streamed male K-pop artist.