Article: 10 K-Pop Collabs With Western Artists

'K-pop or Korean pop' is the music genre of the 21st century, which is becoming popular day by day among Gen-Zs. You can't deny that their music is super catchy and fresh. The team-up of idols with Western artists is the ultimate mashup of different cultures and styles, and they are always a hit. From the famous BTS and EXO to Jimin and Lisa, many have collaborated on popular projects in the past.  Let's look at the 10 iconic K-pop collabs with Western artists.

1. Boy With Luv – Halsey, BTS

In Korean, "Boy with Luv" means "A Poem for Small Things." The song talks about the enjoyment of pursuing one's interests and being curious about the little things in life. It was recorded by BTS and featured Halsey as the lead singer. It was named the 'Song of the Year ' by Gallup Korea in 2019. The music video features a bold pastel backdrop with neon lights and unique outfits. The choreography is exceptional and throughout the video, many references to BTS's previous music videos are seen, like a sign that reads " Love Yourself."

Awards: 2019 Mnet Asian Music Song of the Year, 2019 Melon Music Awards: Best Song of the Year

2. Sour Candy – Lady Gaga, Blackpink

"Sour Candy" is the first collaboration of BLACKPINK with Lady Gaga. The pop song performed over a house beat, talks about accepting flaws and not trying to change them. Lady Gaga is known for her songs worldwide, and BLACKPINK is famous for its powerful music and fierce performances. " Sour Candy" was a masterpiece that became a worldwide sensation in no time.

Awards: 2020 MTV Video Music Awards: Best Song of the Summer, 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards: Dance Song of the Year

3. Physical- Dua Lipa Ft. Hwasa

Collaboration between Dua Lipa and Hwasa- rapper, singer, and songwriter, 'Physical' was the first remix of Dua Lipa's second album, 'Nostalgia.' The energy and synth-dance track of the song makes it a must-listen when in the mood for vibing.

Awards: 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best Collaboration, 2021 Korean Music Awards: Best Dance & Electronic Song


4. Dream Glow- BTS Ft. Charli XCX

The collaboration features BTS members Jungkook, Jin, and Jimin with Charli XCX. The song has an electronic beat and discusses following one's dreams regardless of obstacles. " Dream Glow" is another version of "Glow," which was unreleased by Charli XCX. It is a powerful and uplifting song; lyrics fill the listener with hope and inspiration. BTS's signature style is energizing and emotionally moving.

5. Ice Cream – Selena Gomez, Blackpink

BLACKPINK's first collaboration with Selena Gomez, "Ice Cream," is a fun, bubblegum pop. The music video features Selena and K-pop stars with a bright, colorful backdrop and outfits. It features playful and flirty choreography that goes well with the lyrics. The video, after its release, was nominated for Best Collaboration at the MTV Europe Music Awards. The song was co-composed by Teddy, Tommy Brown, Ariana Grande, and Victoria Monét.

6. Left And Right- Charlie Puth Ft. Jungkook

"Left and Right" is a collaboration between Charlie Puth and BTS's Jungkook, it explores the topic of past relationships. 'Left and Right' is a minimalistic song, and the music video is colorful and bright but not too much; as the song proceeds, it creates a fun vibe. The audio shifts from left to right, and using headphones is recommended to fully enjoy it. The song remained at #1 after its release in India, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

7. Written In The Stars- John Legend, Wendy

'Written in the Stars' is a song of the R&B genre, a collaboration by singer John Legend and Wendy of 'Red Velvet.' The song is a blend of Western and Korean music styles. The lyrics give a romantic, mellow vibe and talk about love, destiny, and living in the present moment. The song was released in 2018 as a part of SM STATION X 0. Wendy is the main vocalist of the girl group, 'Red Velvet.’ She is known for her vocal range.

8. Play It Cool- Monsta X, Steve Aoki

DJ Steve Aoki and Monsta X's 'Play It Cool' is a blend of EDM and K-pop music styles. The song is filled with energy and upbeat sounds that are going to motivate you to hit the gym. The music video features a futuristic, neon, and vaporwave backdrop. The lyrics talk about being confident and playing it cool. The song was released in 2019 and it reached the Top 10 on the US Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart. The Monsta X is known worldwide for their EDM, aggressive pop songs.

9. Kiss And Make Up-  BLACKPINK, Dua Lipa

The song was a hit and was charting within the top 30 in nineteen countries. 'Kiss and Makeup' is an electropop with a touch of EDM. The lyrics talk about relationships between two lovers. The song received positive responses from music critics, with many praising the collaboration between Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK. It is a catchy song that has passed millions of views on YouTube since its release. The music video features colorful, flashy visuals with an eye-catching wardrobe and choreography.

10. Who Do U Love? – Monsta X Ft. French Montana

The song is of the alternative R&B genre, with a blend of pop and catchy hip-hop. 'Who Do U Love?' was released in 2019 by Monsta X as a single in collaboration with French Montana. It was the second English-language single by the K-pop group. The song was a commercial hit and remained at #27 on US Song Charts. The lyrics are about a man unsure of his relationship with his partner. The music video shows MONSTA X members and French Montana in a dynamic backdrop. The members are dressed in edgy outfits that give the song an urban vibe. The choreography performed is of hip-hop and contemporary style.