Article: 10 Korean Films In Which Women Had The Limelight

Korean women have impressed audiences with their gorgeous looks and unique talents all around the world. We are getting some amazing films with strong female leads that a man does not support. They are independent, self-sufficient, and absolutely fantastic. This is the list of 10 Korean movies in which women were the centre of the plot and had the limelight.

1. House Of Hummingbird

This is one film that took away all the awards. It is a coming-of-age story set in 1994 in which a 14-year-old girl searches for the meaning of love. It touches the heart of many, and the acting is exemplary and makes you feel many emotions at once.


2. Poetry

Ahead of its time, Poetry was released almost a decade ago in 2010. The story follows a young woman’s struggle with Alzheimer and uses poetry as her getaway. Another parallel story of a young girl’s struggles in school is also a strong portrayal. Yoon Jeong-hee and Kim Hye-jeong along with the supporting casts have done extremely well in the film. This movie was the best Screenplay award winner at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.


3. Mother

A thriller by the director of Parasite, the film revolves around a widow who takes up a mission to prove her disabled son’s innocence when he is charged with the murder of a girl. This movie became the sixth highest-grossing film in South Korea and bagged many awards. With official selection in the Cannes Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival and New York Film Festival, this movie gained colossal fame worldwide. Truly one of a kind!


4. Sunny

This one is a very heart-touching movie about friendship, adulthood, and nostalgia. A comedy drama where a group of friends get together for a reunion and find how their lives have changed. They reminisce about their high school life, and the story goes back and forth between past and present. A beautiful portrayal of young friendship and how they evolve into burdensome adulthood.


5. As One

The sports drama film is based on true events of the first post-war Korea’s women team, which won a gold medal at the World Trade Tennis Championship in Japan in 1991. The story of women fighting their way to the gold is very inspiring and makes you root for them from the beginning.


6. On the Beach At Night Alone

Starring Kim Min-Hee, who plays an actress in the movie. After a much-publicized affair with her director and the subsequent criticism, she leaves South Korea and goes to Hamburg to find the meaning of relationships and love. She goes through a rough phase where she has forgotten her identity and what she wants in life. With a rough marriage, she has lost her zeal for life. It is a beautiful story of mistakes and ways of dealing with them.


7. More Than Family

This is a delightful comedy-drama. A college couple who has gotten pregnant are looking for ways to break the news to their parents. Things become more jumbled when the pregnant girl takes up a mission to find her biological dad. The movie is funny and emotional in all the right places. This one is a must-watch.


8. The Day I Died

This investigation-driven film is led by a woman about a missing girl who might have died from falling off a cliff on a dark night. The investigation is the story of the search operation for the girl. Investigator Kim Hyeon-Soo is given the task of finding the missing girl.


9. A Girl At My Door

This 2014 film hits all the right places in our hearts. A young police officer is sent to a small town to work, where she encounters a girl getting abused by her father. She takes her in and protects her from her stepfather.


10. Collectors

2020 film about a grave robbery in the heart of Seoul makes for an exciting plot. The movies give ample space for characters to build up and it has strong women characters to sustain the tide. A great watch!