Article: Top 10 Chinese Actors Who Are Rising Quickly

For some of us, success can be a long route full of pebbles and thorns, and it might take us several years to get where we desire to be. But these ten actors went against all the odds and are now top artists who are rising too fast.

1. Song Wei Long

He is the fastest-rising actor. Long gained popularity through the family drama “Go Ahead” in 2020. He gained so much popularity that now he has signed with Yu Zheng’s company, Huanyu Entertainment which makes him the colleague of famous artists like Xu Kai, Wu Jinyan, etc.


2. Zhao Yi Qin

He debuted in 2016 with a crime thriller drama. Just three years later, in 2019, he got his first lead role in the TV Series “Salute To My Youth.” In 2020, four of his dramas were got broadcasted. According to a few websites, his net worth is estimated between $1Million to $5Million. His contract with Huanyu Film ended in 2020.


3. Ren Jia Lun

Although he is married and has a son born in 2018, his popularity rose at the beginning of 2020 through the drama “Under The Power.” The actor had to face a lot of difficulties before he became this successful. Earlier in his teen, he was a professional table tennis player, but due to injuries, he had to quit. Later he became a security guard at an airport. From becoming a security guard to airport ground crew to the singer, then moving to Korea to become a trainee, and then finally becoming a drama actor, he has faced a lot of troubles to become who he is today.


4. Gong Jun

He gained recognition with his role in the BL “Advance Barely” and his role as the 11th Prince in the historic drama “Lost Love In Times”. He is now under Gong Jun Studio.


5. Greg Hsu

He is given the nickname “National Boyfriend.” He was about to debut as a member of a boy band group but couldn’t due to some issues in the contract. After that, he started doing small roles in dramas but got his big breakthrough in the drama “Someday Or One Day.” He originally joined the entertainment industry as a singer but due to some issues with his company, couldn’t make it. Later, he decided to try his luck in modelling but decided to stick to acting. And we are glad he did.


6. Lou Yun Xi

He is known for his acting range and stunning visuals. Being 32 years old makes it hard to keep up in the entertainment industry. But despite that, he is rising too fast. He debuted as a member of the boy band JBOY3 which got disbanded in 2012. He then switched his career path and became an actor. His popularity rose immensely with his role in the romance-drama “Love Is Sweet.”


7. Zhang Xincheng

He became one of the biggest rising stars from the family drama “Go Ahead.” Earlier in 2020, he gained a million new fans after his sports romance “Skate Into Love.” His first movie was “School Bus” and he officially entered the film industry in 2014 with his first solo “Be here For You”. He works under the agency EE-Media.


8. Cheng Yi

The drama “Love and Redemption” made him again immense fame, and since then, he has only been rising and never looked back. He made his acting debut in 2011 with a supporting role in the historical drama “Beauty World.” He is now under H&R Century Pictures.


9. Ding Yu Xi

Fans have given him the nickname “My Boyfriend.” His popularity exploded after his romance-drama “The Romance Of Tiger and Rose”. He started in 2017 with a fantasy romance movie “My Vampire Senior” and, since then, he has had roles in various variety of shows and dramas. He currently signed with Beijing Enlight Media.


10. Simon Lian

He is well known as a former member of the idol group SpeXial. Lian has been in the industry for about six years but gained attention only this year after his role in "Lost Romance”. He is very well known for giving his fans major Second Lead Syndrome with his wonderful acting and charming personality.