Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas That Feel Like A Warm Hug

Our lives are bound to stress. At the worst of times, we desperately need a break. So sit tight in your comfortable pajamas, because this article will list the top ten Korean dramas that give you the much-needed hug. These dramas deal with themes of friendship, love, family, relationships and so on, making the stories relatable.

1. Reply 1988

The strongest element of this Korean drama is the 1980s nostalgia that it brings about. The well-knit neighborhood is a breeding place for tender relationships to blossom. Along with relatable characters are realistic portrayals of situations, so this feels like a home to many. Reply 1988 is sure a good watch for a Sunday afternoon.

2. When The Camellia Blooms

Kang Haneul is an absolute charm in this drama. But the best thing is the endearing relationship between a parent and a child, and ‘When The Camellia Blooms’ showed this to us beautifully. The small town setting that nestles a mature romance makes this slow-paced drama worth watching.

3. Hometown Cha- Cha- Cha

‘Let loose every once in a while, ’- a message you need for depressing times and this drama delivers it perfectly. The predictable yet fluffy romance between our two leads is lovely. And so is the warmth of the villagers, who despite differences, still opened up to our female lead who hailed from a city.

4. My Liberation Notes

If you want a slow-paced drama filled with life lessons and internal monologues, then ‘My Liberation Notes’ is for you. For some, it can be frustrating since a few episodes can be monotonous. But it is simply the realistic portrayal of how one’s life can get immensely mundane. Hope is something that keeps the drama going.

5. Summer Strike

This drama is about my favorite introverts slowly but beautifully falling in love. But more importantly, it is about the little things that keep us happy and are the reason for living our lives. The female lead is a unique character but is very relatable to us. She is shy and sick of her corporate life, so she goes to find the purpose of her life. Throughout the drama, you can’t help but root for her.

6. Hospital Playlist

The drama skillfully combines friendships with family dynamics. The drama showcases the everyday experiences of the characters, making us relate to their joys and struggles realistically. The humor is top-notch so it saves it from being a boring watch. If you aren’t sure about watching this drama, then its domestic and worldwide popularity should give you a reason to watch it.

7. Run On

Im Siwan is an actor who is made for these healing dramas. In ‘Summer Strike’ he is an introverted librarian, here he is a sprinter who had just quit sports. The self-growth of the characters coupled with their straightforwardness still makes it a peaceful drama. The plotting is wonderfully paced.

8. Because This Is My First Life

The story revolves around Yoon Jin Ho, a struggling female drama writer who enters into a contract marriage with her landlord, IT worker Nam Se Hee because they have run out of financial options and want to avoid the complications of having an unmarried man and woman living together. The series chronicles the odd couple's "married life" as they struggle to maintain the image of happy newlyweds while navigating both their emotional and transactional ties with one another.

9. My Mister

The plot is plain and simple: a man in his forties bears the weight of life; a lady in her twenties goes through various experiences but also bears the weight of life. The guy and woman unite to support one another. Don’t get fooled by this trailer and the drama’s posters- for underneath lies a deep, heart-touching story that is worth remembering.

10. When The Weather Is Fine

After becoming tired of the city, a young cellist returns to her hometown, where she encounters the owner of the local bookstore. Yes, the plotline isn’t the most unique on the list. But returning to the countryside or your hometown is always a delight to watch. These dramas do well with the countryside setting, and the slow burn of the drama makes it easy to watch.