Article: Top 10 Performances In Boys Planet

Boys Planet is a survival show created by MNET. The show had 98 candidates from around the world divided into two groups: the K-Group and the G-Group. The K-Group was made up of South Korean competitors, while the G-Group was made up of contestants from other nations such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, the United States, and Canada. At the end, 9 participants were selected to form ZEROBASEONE. However, the performances of the show remain etched in our memories. So, here is a list of the top ten performances in Boys Planet that you should watch again.

1. Tomboy

G-Idle’s ‘Tomboy’ was given due justice by the team ACES. The group consisted of Lee Hoe Taek, Zhang Hao, Sung Hanbin, and Park Gunwook. The charisma shone throughout the performance. To top it off, Hotaek added a fantastic high note to the song, making the rock version even more amazing.

2. Kill This Love

This song originally by Blackpink was performed by G-Group in Group Battle. The members included Min, Zhang Hao, Chen Kuan Jui, Wang Zi Hao, Keita, and Seok Matthew. The chemistry between the members was well-coordinated. They overall had a laidback style which made the performance a unique one out of all.

3. Back Door

This song by Stray Kids is a tough song to perform. However, the K-Group composed of JongWoo, Min Seoung, Yunseo, Jun Hyeon, Tae Rae, Ji Woong, and Yu Jin did a wonderful job with the song. This performance had a lot of memorable moments - I mean who can forget Jiwoong’s abs? Nor can anyone forget about the stunt a member pulled off at the end. Jongwoo’s leadership was noteworthy too.

4. Love Me Right

‘Playful’ is the word that can be awarded to this performance by G-Group. Members Winnie, Wumuti, Jay, Dang Hong Hai, Anthonny, Haruto, and Haru brought the EXO song to life. Jay was phenomenal with his high notes. The rapping pair of Winnie and Haruto made the song so enjoyable!

5. Over Me

Team ‘Overdose’ was insanely hot when they performed this original song. This group consisted of Zhang Hao, Chen Kuan Ji, Jay, Lee Jeong Hyeon, and Ricky. Zhang Hao as a centre nailed it and thus cemented his position in ZEROOBASEONE as the number one contestant. Ricky’s facial expressions made you, me, the audience, and even the masters scream and faint.

6. En Garde

Do not judge a team’s performance by their name - and team ‘En Butter’ just proved it. Despite this comical name, they gave us one cool and powerful performance. Lee Hoe Taek, Lee Seung Hwan, Hiroto, Kum Jun Hyeon, Kim Gyu Vin, and Park Gun Wook did the choreography effortlessly. Gunwook and Gyuvin simply ate this up.

7. Jelly Pop

Hotaek, Seungeon, Zhang Hao, Gunwook, Junhyeon, Hanbin, Jay, Kamden, and Matthew were the top 9 contestants in the showdown of 18 contestants. The song is such a banger that it will remain in the loop in your playlist for at least an hour. Gunwook’s aegyo was adorable. The choreography was fun too!

8. Hot Summer

This list cannot miss another fantastic finale performance, delivered by Hanbin, Taerae, Jiwoong, Yujin, Ricky, Jeonghyeon, Gyuvin, Keita, and Jongwoo. The performance was cool and seductive. Jiwoong’s actor side came out here and therefore nailed every segment of the performance. Sung Hanbin was the best center for this performance.

9. Gang

This performance is a personal favorite of the author. Team Korean Chipmunks had Chen Jian Yu, Lee Seung Hwan, Lee Jeong Hyeon, Kum Jun Hyeon, and Mun Jung Hyun. Jeong Hyeon was my favorite here. Not only did he kill the performance with his comedic timing, but he also went crazy with his dance break. No one could have made this serious song such a crazy vibe except this team, and therefore, this will remain one of the best performances in MNET.

10. Man In Love

‘Man In Love’ is one of my favorite songs from INFINITE, so the stakes were high. Thankfully, Mingyu, Dongyu, Taerae, and Woojin gave it soul and life. Taerae’s smile melted everyone into a puddle. Mingyu’s “shout it loud!” was everyone’s favorite part of the performance. Overall, the soft and sweet vibes from this performance make it an endearing watch.