Article: Top 10 Chinese Stars Who Married At Their Young Age

Did you guys know that China celebrates Valentine's day on May 20? Love has no age, and those who announce their relationship to the public too early could affect their career and success. Some celebrities don't seem to care and marry when they find suitable. Here we have the top 10 Chinese Celebrities who married at a young age:

1. Ren Jialun And Nie Huan

Ren Jialun, born in 1989, and Nie Huan, born in 1991, married in 2014 and had a son. The marriage was unknown until 2017. Allen revealed via Weibo that he was in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend of 5 Years named- Nie Huan. In 2018 his son was born. Ren Jialun has developed a strong momentum in the entertainment industry in recent years, and he has never had a scandal, and the relationship between the two will remain stable.

2. Sun Yi And Dong Zijian

Sun Yi, born in 1993, and Dong Zijian, born in 1993, announced their marriage in 2017. They are both very young and got married at the age of 23. The early 20s for an actor is the prime time to advance their careers, but Sun Yi's career did not suffer much. Zijian's mother is the famous manager Wang Jinghua, so Sun Yi doesn't have to worry much about drama funding.

3. Michelle Chen And Chen Xiao

Michelle Chen, born in 1983, and Chen Xiao, born in 1987, are the perfect example of couples who fell in love on the set. They filmed the Romance of the Condor Heroes in 2014 and announced their relationship in 2015, not long after the news of them getting married began to spread. Chen Xiao was only 28, and his career began to rise, but the co-stars-turned-lovers tied the knot on July 16, 2016, in Beijing.

4. Li Xiaomeng And Wang Lei

Li Xiaomeng, born in 1985, and Wang Lei, born in 1982, announced their marriage in 2013. The cute couple also released their honeymoon photos in Hawaii. Xiaomeng and Wang Lei are the more low-key couple. They had their first child in 2017. Fans discovered later that this couple began dating in 2006. In 2013, under the witness of many students, Lei Wang proposed to Xiaomeng at her graduation ceremony.

5. Ying Er And Fu Xinbo

Ying Er was born in 1988, and Fu Xingbo was born in 1987. Ying Er became involved with Fu Xinbo in 2015 while he was dating Wang Liangya. The couple announced marriage in 2017, inviting dozens of family and friends to attend the special day. They held their wedding ceremony in beautiful Bali, Indonesia, in 2018. Although they were 30 when they tied the knot, it is still early in the entertainment world. Their daughter was born in 2018. Fu Xinbo posted his daughter's face on his social media.

6. Luo Jin And Tiffany Tang

Luo Jin, born in 1981, and Tang Yan, born in 1983, announced their marriage in 2018 by posting wedding photos on Weibo. Their love story can be called a love-lost-love-found-again type relationship. They started dating back in 2013 while filming the drama "Agent X" but broke up and came back together. This couple went on to star in more movies and dramas like Princess Weiyoung, Diamond Lover, and The Way We Were. The couple had a romantic wedding in Vienna, Austria.

7. Ni Ni And Jing Boran

Nini, born in 1988, and Jing Boran, born in 1989, started dating in 2016. Idol turned actor Jing Boran got rumored to be dating several women, but he has only dated one. That gorgeous lucky woman was none other than Nini. They reunited again onscreen in 2015's "Bride Wars," but it wasn't until 2016 that they became a couple. Fans were ecstatic when their managers confirmed their relationship in March 2016.

8. Lin Gengxin And Wang Likun

Lin Gengxin, born in 1988, and Wang Likun, born in 1983, fell for each other in 2015 on the set of Journey to the West: Demon Strikes Back (2015). The two were spotted many times off-set. In January 2019, these dying rumors were reignited when Gengxin was spotted eating out with Likun, then going to her house after the dinner date. Likun's manager shut off all the news but did not deny their dating rumors.

9. Zhao Liying And Feng Shaofeng

Dating rumors have been swirling about Liying and Feng since 2016 when they met on the set of Monkey King 3(2016). They reunited again with the drama "The Story of Ming Lan," a historical C-drama in 2018. The same year Liying and Shaofeng confirmed their relationship and revealed that Liying got pregnant. They married in late 2018 and welcomed a baby boy the following year. In 2021, they finalized their divorce.

10. Hawick Lau And Yang Mi

Hawick Lau And Yang Mi (born in 1986) started dating in 2011 on the set of the period epic drama "As You Wish" (2011). Their relationship was high-profile since Yang Mi is the highest-paid Chinese actress. Within a year of dating, combined star power would break records. They tied their knots in 2014 but divorced in 2018.