Article: TOP 10 Underrated Thai BL Series

With captivating visuals and compelling plots, Thai BLs have undoubtedly carved a niche in the contemporary entertainment industry. Thai BLs continue to grow and display artistry and talent in their production with some of the most famous and iconic BL shows. In an industry where many shows are released regularly, it is easy for some to go unnoticed. Discover some underrated gems with stories about love, self-discovery, and various genres like romance, comedy, mystery, and thriller.

1. Moonlight Chicken

Moonlight Chicken is the heartwarming slice-of-life story of people with emotional baggage living trapped in situations beyond their control. The plot mainly revolves around Jim, the owner of a diner who meets Wen. They like each other, but life isn’t simple for them. With each episode structured around famous holidays, its realistic storyline, brilliant writing and cinematography, and charming actors make the series one of the most impressive shows to watch.

2. Not Me

Black and White are twins with a powerful connection, separated as kids. When White experiences the sudden pain through the link, he comes to see a coma-induced Black. As White disguises as his twin to discover who attacked him, he becomes a part of Black's suspicious gang, led by the mysterious Sean. Black is entangled in their advocacy for societal and political issues, while falling for Sean. The social message of this series, along with the chemistry of the actors, makes this show a must-watch.

3. Lovely Writer

Lovely Writer is the story of Gene, a professional writer whose successful novel is being adapted for TV. He meets Nubsib, an actor who shows admiration for Gene. The plot is a light-hearted romance as Gene progresses with his relationship. The series also focuses on severe issues including the toxicity of fan service. Lovely Writer is fun and refreshing while at the same time weaving in serious topics in a way that engages its viewers.

4. I Told The Sunset About You

This coming-of-age series is the story of Teh and Oh-Aew, childhood best friends turned rivals. Years later, the two meet in a Chinese language class, and the reunion awakens complicated feelings as they experience their first love. The story shows the confusion and attraction that teenagers experience as they mature and face adulthood. With its youthful essence of love, breathtaking cinematography, along with top-notch acting and story-telling, this show is one of the best coming-of-age BL series.

5. Until We Meet Again

“Until We Meet Again” is the heart-wrenching tale of the reincarnation of In and Korn, a pair of lovers who committed suicide in the past. In the modern day, freshman Pharm meets Dean, a senior, and they experience an instant attraction and an unexplained connection. The red thread of fate that had tied them together in their past life pulls the two boys together once again and to a past not worth remembering as they unravel their history. The show is a heartbreaking love story along with well-timed humor and is a must-watch.

6. He's Coming To Me

For 20 years, Med has spent his time as a ghost who cannot reincarnate. One day, a kid named Thun visits his tomb, eventually revealing that he can see and talk to him every Ching Ming festival. Now older, Thun decides to help Med investigate his death. Med begins living with Thun, resulting in a few comedic sequences and, as they share lives, they start falling for each other despite knowing they must soon part. Or do they? “He’s Coming to Me” is a heartwarming fantasy story that shows how love transcends many aspects of life.

7. Triage

Triage involves Dr. Tin, an ER doctor, having an unnamed male patient, Tol, a rich guy who dies in the emergency room after a car accident. Unexpectedly, he wakes up the day before Tol's death, gets stuck in a time loop, and has to save Tol to stop the loop. Tin is reluctant, but he teams up with Tol. The storyline is fast-paced as Tin struggles to control the time loop while he begins to fall for Tol, who seems not to like him back. With underlying themes such as organ harvesting and oppression, the edge-of-the-seat plot keeps the audience's anticipation.

8. Manner Of Death

The 2020 show is a gripping thriller focusing on Dr. Bunnakit, a medical examiner in a rural hospital, who rules out a case and declares homicide as the cause of death. He gets entangled in the case when his friend goes missing and decides to investigate with Tan, one of the suspects. Amidst unraveling the mysteries of their surroundings, the pair fall in love. For all fans of thrillers, this show is a delight with its mysterious plot and the chemistry between the leads.

9. Be My Favorite

"Be My Favorite" stars heartbroken Botkawi, stuck in a tedious job who receives a wedding invite from friend Prae, whom he has been in love with since college but loses to famous student Pisaeng. In an unimaginable stroke of luck, Kawi gets taken back in time to change the past, but instead of making Prae fall in love with him, he attracts the affections of rival Pisaeng. Kawi's adventures set off a series of humorous moments, while he navigates through the attention of sweet Pisaeng. The show emphasizes living the best version of oneself with the opportunity you have and is must-watch this year.

10. My School President

This teen romantic-comedy series delivers everything the audience expects as it tells the story of high school students who fight over little things and have the most fun in school. Tinn becomes the school president to help his crush, Gun, the lead singer of the music club, save it; who thinks the school president is out to sabotage the band. Tinn begins to help, only to realize that music club members are not allowed date unless they win the 'Hot Wave' music contest. As the club participates in the contest with the help of Tin and his friend Tiw, Tinn tries to win over the headstrong Gun. “My School President” is cute and funny, and all the characters light up the show, making it an extremely joyful watch.