Article: 10 Chinese Series To Binge-Watch This Winter

Winter is the perfect weather to indulge in the world of Chinese dramas. These are some romantic, comedy, and action-packed dramas. Watch these dramas to keep yourself warm and entertained this winter. Grab your comfort food and some hot chocolate and enjoy these dramas.

1. Flowers Bloom in Winter

The series is about a man’s girlfriend who dies in an accident and meets another girl that resembles the deceased girlfriend. As the man’s memory starts to recover, he uncovers the mystery behind the accident.

2. Snow Lovers

The series is a love triangle between a quirky screenwriter, an arrogant actor, and a ski shop owner. The ski shop owner is in love with the screenwriter, but things change when the actor comes in the way of his love for her.

3. My Unicorn Girl

The series is about a girl pretending to be a boy to achieve her dream of becoming an ice skater. Things take a turn when she gets a male roommate. It’s interesting to watch her journey of becoming an ice skater with her original identity.

4. My Heart

The fictional series is about a world where everyone has superpowers except for a girl. She gets those powers after meeting a playboy. She learns that the Prince is also caring and intelligent.

5. Eagles and Youngsters

The story is about a boy traveling to the mountains covered with white blankets of snow to find a way to save his teacher. He meets the inhabitants of the peaks and rediscovers himself.

6. Love is Sweet

The Chinese drama is about a girl allergic to tears. She is doing well in her life when suddenly her father passes away. She got left with no option but to fulfill her father’s dream. She overcomes the obstacles and finds true love.

7. You are my Glory

The series is about a famous actress reuniting with her high school classmate. He is an aerospace engineer. They meet each other through an online game. The actress is impressed and asks the engineer to become her gaming trainer.

8. Sweet Teeth

The series is about a handsome dentist and a librarian in the same university who dislikes him due to some misunderstandings. The two get close when the librarian’s mom forces her to get braces.

9. Go into your Heart

The story is about a traditional game champion and a reporter. The champ becomes the center of attention after an event. The reporter helps him to get out of the commotion.

10. Meeting You Loving You

The story is about two people trying to forget their past traumas. The girl has abilities that make her different from ordinary people.