Article: 10 Most Romantic Monsoon Songs In Japanese

The season of Monsoon comes with lively and romantic vibes and wherever you go, you will see people walking hand in hand under an umbrella getting the most of the moment. And what if such a moment is made more memorable by accompanying it with songs that have an essence of romance and monsoon in it! Over some time, a lot of singers have released songs that are appropriate for the vibes of the rainy season. People love these songs because of the liveliness they hold. So, here are some of the most romantic Monsoon songs in Japanese.

1. Ame-Nochi-Hareruya By Yuzu

This song came in the October of 2013 and it is completely perfect for the rainy season as it shows couples coming together and dancing under umbrellas while two people are playing their instruments and singing this beautiful song. People are also shown celebrating the rain. It's a beautiful and romantic song with lyrics that go

“No matter how you are, I love you.

Lift your head, the light is shining on you.

Even a river of tears returns to the sea.

In everyone's heart, the rain turns to hallelujah”.


2. Kiss The Rain By Femm

The beats of this song are a bit fast and the video is all about two girls singing this song and dancing to it. People love this song and this is the perfect choice to be played at a brunch while it's drizzling. Its most amazing lyrics are:

“An ocean in between us can never separate us

Though we’re a million miles apart

My love goes any distance, traveling with no resistance

I might be far away, but I got your heart”


3. Kiss The Rain By Yiruma

The only word that can describe this song is, beautiful. This song was released in 2003 and Yiruma has done outstanding work. Kiss the rain is so soothing that you will want to sit under the rain with your loved ones by listening to it. Its amazing lyrics will land directly to the listener’s heart:

“Thinking maybe you love me

Like I've always loved you

But how can you love me

Like I loved you when

You can't even look me straight in my eyes”


4. Amayadori By Masashi Sada

Amayadori is a soft song and is filled with love. It is the type of song that you will want to listen to on a repeat and people who don’t know Japanese also love this song as it still carries its feels properly. Add this to your Monsoon playlist if you haven’t already:

“Unexpectedly I met you on the platform

You used to be my lover in the past

Glancing at your sweet face in profile

I can't stop myself from talking to you”


5. Endless Rain By X Japan

Supported by the soft notes of Piano, Endless rain is one of the best Japanese songs about rain. Listening to this song while driving through the rain will heal all your pains because of the meaningful lyrics it carries. X Japan has done an amazing job in the making of this song:

“Endless rain, fall on my heart, on my scars of my heart

Let me forget all of the hate, all of the sadness”


6. Rainy Blue By Hideaki Tokunaga

Hideaki Tokunaga sang this beautiful song named Rainy Blue and released it in 1986. It is all about rain and love and has a deep meaning. It is a really romantic song that is appropriate for the Monsoon playlist.

“It's a rainy blue It's a rainy blue

My heart, My tears

It's a rainy blue



7. Rain By Yui

This list would have been incomplete without this song. Rain by Yui is all about the beauty of rain droplets. Accompanied by pop music this song is still a beautiful one and a fan’s favorite even after a long time. Its words are incredible as well:

“When someday this rain turns into snow

And slowly consumes this sadness

I'll be greeted by new hope”


8. Rain Stops Goodbye By Icchan

The lyricist and singer of this song have done an amazing job because its words and how they are sung are both amazing. Full of love and calmness, this song will live in your head rent-free. Listening to this while walking in the rain with your loved one will be like therapy.

“My heart that I shouted, surely with the rain”


9. In The Rain By Tori

Another beautiful song of rain and love is In the rain by Tori. Its background music is beautiful that listening to it will relax and calm your mind even if you don’t know what it means.

“Always lapsing into that habit of searching for you

even now, once again standing alone

staring up at the sky which seems like it will fall down onto me”


10. Rain By Motohiro Hata

The last beautiful monsoon song on our list is Rain by Motohiro Hata who has given a lot of amazing songs and this is one of them. It has a beautiful animated video as well. It is filled with romantic vibes and has meaningful words:

“The buildings by the road, the broken streetlamps -

At the street corner, everyone was in a rush.

It's not you; the fault lies with me,

Unable to hide my own intensity.”