Article: Top Ten Chinese Movies For Motivation

Like Hollywood and Bollywood, The Chinese Entertainment Industry is achieving success internationally. So, why would they stay behind in motivating their audience with their creativity and stories? Here we have a list of the top 10 inspirational Chinese movies to make you feel motivated through their unique storyline and characters.

1. So Young

So Young is a drama movie by Zhao Wei, based on the novel 'To Our Youth that is Fading Away.' This film became a success at the Chinese Box Office in 2013. Zheng Wei encounters a diverse world after arriving at college. She experiences a world of friendship and love that confuses yet excites her. She embarks on her university journey with her new dorm pals, finding it not simply indicative of the future ahead.

2. The Little Thing Called First Love

The Little Thing Called First Love is a romantic drama series based on a 2010 Thai film. The plot tells the story of Xia Miao Miao, a shy and artistic girl who develops a crush on a popular guy at school. She embarks on a journey of self-discovery in college. She takes help from her friends to change herself. She starts learning fashion and joins clubs. Her ordinary life becomes more colorful.

3. Go, Lala, Go!

Go Lala Go! is a 2010 romantic comedy movie by Xu Jinglei. This film is considered one of the most successful collaborations between American and Chinese producers. The story is about an up-and-coming corporate woman, Du Lala. She learns to balance her personal and professional life in the workplace.

4. Sweet Eighteen

Swwt Eighteen is a 2012 Romantic Drama movie by He Wenchao. The plot has a complex character relationship involving six couples. He Na and her mother live in a city by the Xiangjiang River. She never understood why her mother loved a guy who was not a good person. One day she finds some secrets which lead to her family's misfortune.

5. Chinese Partner

Chinese Partner is a 2018 drama movie by Lin Jia Chuan. The plot shows the story of three friends being young university students becoming lead figures in the business world. While working towards their goal, their friendship and dreams get tested.

6. Love At Seventeen

Love at Seventeen is a 2016 romantic tv drama by Eastern Television. Alice, a 30-year-old autopilot, carries on with her life. One day she unexpectedly gets back to her 17-year-old self. After talking with her school companions, she feels reconnected and sees an opportunity to control her destiny. It shows the problems of teenagers and school life.

7. Go! Goal! Fighting!

Go! Goal! Fighting! is a 2016 drama. The story revolves around a resigned soccer mentor who suffers from monetary issues that stop him from getting back to instructing. Mu Qi begins to draw out the potential of his players while giving live examples.

8. Youth

Youth is a 2018 web drama that portrays five college-going girls who share a house. They get familiar with each other and explore their sentiment and kinship. The plot is full of life energy that makes it enjoyable to watch and reminds you of the strength of friendship.

9. Die Now

Die Now is a Chinese drama from Bi Shui Yu's comic. The story tells the tale of Xia Chi, a college student whose sharp thinking abilities get scrutinized when he enters another gaming universe with his friend Meng Qin. They propel level by level in the scary world run by an association called 'Die Now.' It is a fast-paced drama with vivid characters.

10. Campus Heroes

Campus Heroes is a 2018 comedy and inspirational drama. It portrays the story of Lu Da Xiang, a previous baseball player whose attitude gets him terminated from the game. Da Xiang, a school social examiner, uses interesting training strategies to educate his understudies.