Article: Top 10 Japanese Celebrity Couples Who Starred Together

Some fall in love after sharing the screen space, and some share the screen space after becoming couples. Several Japanese celebrity couples are seen performing in dramas together. Here are some of them:

1. Oguri Shun & Yamada Yu

On the set of Binbo Danshi, Oguri and Yamada met and after four years, they married on March 14, 2012. That drama didn't include much (or any) romance, but they did have some lovely sequences together.


2. Miho Kanno & Masato Sakai

Miho and Masato starred together in The Castle of Crossed Destinies, and their connection was palpable. Set in medieval Japan, the film shows a court controlled by a mythical matriarchy (Kanno) who enjoys the company of 3,000 men (oops, lovers) until a new man (Sakai) enters the court and dramatically alters her life.


3. Odagiri Joe & Yuu Kashii

Odagiri and Kashii met on the set of The Pavillion Salamandre in 2006. In 2008, they announced their engagement. The couple had three sons; the first son in 2011, the second in 2014 (who regrettably died of Ileus in 2015), and the third in 2016. The pair has a reputation for keeping their personal lives quiet. Odagiri, who was only 18 at the time of filming, is said to have fallen madly in love with Kashii.


4. Riisa Naka & Akiyoshi Nakao

Before stunning the public with their marriage announcement in 2013, they had been pals for years. They have a kid born the same year, and they are renowned for being a happy pair who enjoys posting about their lives on social media.


5. Atsuko Maeda & Ryo Katsuji

When fans learned about former AKB48 member Atsuko's marriage in 2018, they were horrified. She and Ryo met on Dokonjo Gaeru in 2015, and they started dating after co-starring in Woman Who Eats in 2018. In 2019, they welcomed their first child.


6. Masataka Kutoba & Asami Mizukawa

On September 21, 2019, the delighted pair formally filed their marriage paperwork. They began dating in 2017 while filming the drama Fugitive Boys, in which they both appeared. Even though they were not the primary pair, they seemed to fall in love.


7. Koyuki & Kenichi Matsuyama

Kenichi and Koyuki met on the set of Kamui Gaiden in 2009, and it took two years for him to win her heart. She believed he was immature (he's eight years her junior). But love triumphed, and they now have three children and are often recognized as the most powerful couple in the industry.


8. Aoi Miyazaki & Junichi Okada

Aoi Miyazaki and V6 member Junichi Okada reportedly met while filming Flowers in the Shadows, a 2008 drama in which they played a married couple. They married in 2017 and are the parents of one kid. They also featured together in the historical drama Tenchi: The Samurai Astronomer.


9. Hiroshi Tamaki & Haruka Kinami

They met in 2010, but it wasn't until 2017 that their friendship blossomed into love when they co-starred in Fuji TV's drama Onna no Kunshou (this drama special featured some extremely fascinating parts). They married in 2018 and are in a happy marriage.


10. Takei Emi & Takahiro

In 2014, Emi and Takahiro co-starred in Detective Designated for Assignment. They reportedly began dating around that time, but it wasn't until 2017 that they announced her pregnancy and marriage. However, this affair was viewed as a violation of the contract, and it impacted Emi's career; several CM and parts were canceled, but that didn't stop them.