Article: Top 10 Chinese Comedy Dramas You Will Laugh Out Loud At

Some Chinese dramas might be appropriate for you if you enjoy comedies. These humorous Chinese dramas will cheer your day. Here is a list of the Top 10 Comedy Chinese Dramas That Will Laugh You Out Loud

1. Go Ahead 

Zi Qiu, Ling Xiao, and Jian Jian have been friends for a long time. They are related to one another as brothers and sisters. After graduation from high school, they decide to meet their families a difference develops in their relationship. After nine years, they three accidentally cross paths. This time, it is evident that Jian Jian, Ling Xiao, and Zi Qiu's personality changes result from the difficulties they have experienced.

2. My Little Happiness

Cong Rong and Wen Shaoqing have been in friendship since they were kids. Cong Rong determines herself to be a lawyer. However, she secretly goes back to her country and takes an internship at a law firm. Unaware Wen Shaoqing is her childhood friend. He helps her to hide the truth from her mother.

3. Don't Disturb My Study

Story of Nan Xiangwan, a student who becomes concerned due to her past. A psychiatrist sees Nan Xiangwan examine her troubled memory. However, after meeting Lin Xiaoran, Nan Xiangwan's perspective changed. She understands that a result is not the only important thing, but keeping a positive attitude does matter.

4. My Mr. Mermaid

Yi Bai, a talented high-level swimmer, is punished for using drugs to boost his performance. Three years following that punishment, Yi Bai decides to row back to swimming competitions.  However, Yun Duo, a journalist, will cover that event for her job. As a result, Yun Duo and Yi Bay become close friends who help one another deal with unpleasant memories from the past.

5. Hello, My Youth

First-year high school kids with unstable emotions and feelings are trying to adapt to the new atmosphere in which they will be participating. Their appearances are light, humorous, and sometimes too serious.

6. Make A Wish

Yu-Chi Yan, an antisocial young man who runs a bookstore, unexpectedly saves a cat one day from danger. The cat then approaches Yu-Chi Yan in the appearance of a young woman named Xiao Xiu.  Xiao Xiu thanks Yu-Chi Yan for saving her life and tells him that she is from the world of cats. Therefore, for Yu-Chi Yan to return home, Xiao Xiu must assist her.

7. A Boy Named Flora A

A 28-year-old college student named Zheng Hua Jia resides with his family. Zheng Hua's grandmother passed away due to a severe illness she suffered. Zheng Hua initially thinks that his grandmother is still alive or holds hope that she will come back to life. But this tragedy pushes Zheng Hua to mature and begin to shoulder more responsibilities.

8. Please Love Me 

Pie-You is a nail technician who works in the entertainment industry, and Yi Han is a well-known singer and celebrity. The paparazzi could not resist but make news about Yi Han and Pie-You working together on the same project. When they find that Yi Han and Pie-You are dating, the story becomes much more extensive.

9. Hikaru No Go  

Shi Guang is scared by a spirit that appears from the Go board; that spirit is Chu Ying. Shi Guang appreciates Chu Ying's potential as a friend and even learns how to play Go from him. Shi Guang and Chu Ying have a strong friendship that improves Shi Gua's Go skills. Shi Guang, however, wants to go further and does not intend to stop there.

10. Mr. Fighting

o Ze Yu is a new celebrity who becomes famous after coming in first place in a talent contest. Unfortunately, Hao Ze Yu's success did not last very long.  In an attempt to regain his reputation, Hao Ze Yu accepts a second opportunity and develops his agent. To carry out this idea, Hao Ze Yu recruits a few neighbors. Hao Ze Yu doesn't have any experience in the film or entertainment sector, but he is confident that his team will help him succeed again.