Article: Famous Chinese Celebrity Couples Rumored To Get Married

Ni Hao, my fellow Chinese-heads! Have you ever watched a Chinese drama and fallen in love with the on-screen chemistry of the male and female lead? Have you started wondering how amazing it would be if they started dating in real life? So, we can see their cute, loving, and caring moments in reel and real life, and how about if they get married?!

In this article, we went through the most recent C-Entertainment reports rumors. We brought you the list of the famous Chinese celebrity couples who shared the screen at some point in their career, and there are suppositions of their marriage in 2021!!

Let’s get started…

1. Zhang Han And Janine Chang

Zhang Han is a phenomenal Chinese actor who gained fame through popular Chinese dramas like ‘Meteor Garden’ and Fall in Love. The beautiful Chinese actress Janine Chang is known for her role in ‘Meteor Garden II.’ Their fans shipped these two since they shared the screen in the famous Chinese drama ‘Here to Heart’ as a couple on screen. There was intense gossip about their dating.

Due to their virile chemistry and closeness during the promotional tours of ‘Here to Heart.’ It cannot be verified yet fans aired that Zhang Han and Janine Chang have already signed marriage papers in the civil office, although it all can be rumors. They are a power couple, who is supposition to might get married this year.

Zhang Han And Janine Chang


2. Dylan Wang And Shen Yue

Dylan wang is a young actor who won the hearts of fans across China and Asia for his role in ‘Meteor Garden,’ which is a Chinese drama based on a Japanese shojo manga ‘Boys over flowers.’ In the same drama, he shared the screen with Shen Yue.

Shen Yue is a versatile and super cute Chinese actress, famous for her role in various Chinese dramas like ‘Meteor Garden,’ ‘A Love So Beautiful,’‘ Use for my talent,’ and many more.

The fans have been shipped them as a beautiful couple since they shared the screen in 2018 and after they were spotted dating secretly by paparazzi, although actors themselves never confirmed dating. Their romance seems to have rekindled again, and reports say they will get married this year after selecting their wedding venue.

celebrity couple


3. Deng Lun And Yang Zi

Deng Lun gained widespread popularity with the TV series ‘Because of Meeting You’ and ‘Ashes of Love.’ Yang Zi is a famous Chinese actress, singer, and model. They had worked together in 2013 in ‘Flower in a fog’ and in ‘Ashes of love.’ After seeing their chemistry and strong connection in the off-screen time, the fans shipped them. They have always kept their relationship very low-key, creating almost no news. Sometimes the fans thought that they broke up. Fortunately, all these were just insinuations, and this Chinese celebrity couple is also talked about to might get married this year.

celebrity couple


4. Vin Zhang And Dilbara Dilmurat

Having a career span of only around four years, Vin Zhang sets to emerge as a megastar in the pan-Asian and Chinese drama industry. He was rumored to be in a relationship with Dilbara Dilmurat since they worked together in the Chinese Drama ‘The King’s woman’. Vin Zhang considers Dilbara as his ideal type and can never hide his affection while talking about her. There are rumors that this couple will likely tie the knot by the end of this year.

celebrity couple


5. Xu Kai And Bai Lu

Xu Kai is a Chinese actor and model, best known for his role in ‘Story of Yanxi Palace,’‘ Li Chelan in The Legends,’ and ‘Gu Yan Zhen’ in Arsenal Military Academy. Bai Lu is best known for her role as Zhao Yao in ‘The Legends’ and ‘Xie Xiang’ in Arsenal Military Academy. They starred together in this series and have proven that they have a lot of chemistry on screen.

Bai Lu and Xu Kai work for the same agency, Huanyu Entertainment. They will now work together for the 5th time in ‘imperial cuisine.’ As per the gossip, they might get married this year.

We hope love blossoms between all of our celebrity couples and all these sweet rumors of their marriage bells ringing come true.

celebrity couple