Article: Top 10 James Jirayu Dramas And Movies To Watch

Jirayu Tangsrisuk, also known as James, is a Thai singer, model, and actor. He was born in Pichit in September 1993 and is the youngest child. He was a shy kid growing up, but he learned to sing and dance at a young age. In 2011, he won a model contest for Mistine, a cosmetic brand, and started his career as a model. He soon rose to popularity in 2013 after his debut in Khun Chai Puttipat with Bella Campen. Since then, he has starred in many Thai lakorns. He is one of the highest-paid Thai actors.

1. Are We Alright?

Are We Alright is a drama released in 2021, starring Anne Thongprasom and James Jirayu. It tells the story of Carat, a successful businesswoman, who finds her husband, Chakrit, having an affair with his secretary and asks him for divorce. One day, she meets Ai, a fourth-year student, when she is fighting with Chakrit. He helps her that time and they keep meeting each other after that. He doesn't seem to mind the age difference and tries to make a move on her, but it won't be that easy.

2. Mist Of Love

Mist of Love is a mystery drama released in 2020. Plerngfah, from a young age, could see people’s past lives. His family to treat him relocated to the US. After 20 years, he returned to Thailand to be a reporter for Channel 6. When he was covering a series of bombings, he met a young archaeology professor, Sitang. Their encounter brings his old symptoms back, and his vision reveals that she has been a soulmate for many lifetimes. Villains from his past are also there to separate him from the woman he loves.

3. The Deadly Affair

The Deadly Affair is a thriller drama starring Gina Yeena Salas and James Jirayu, released in 2022. Aphinan, while drunk driving, kills Jetiya’s fiance. He feels guilty and accepts his mistake and gets sentenced to six years in prison while Mink, his girlfriend, is pregnant. He gets released three years later for good behavior and gets to know Mink took her life after her miscarriage. Jetiya is angry over his early release and arranges for Aphinan to be punished and detained on an island.

4. Payakorn Sorn Ruk

Payakorn Sorn Ruk, also known as Prophecy of Love, is a Thai rom-com released in 2020. Rosita is a French Thai girl who cannot tolerate her French father, so she returns to Thailand with her mother. She gets saved by a mysterious older woman, to whom the girl receives a clairvoyance gift. She is obliged to help people, to predict the future and the extra sensory experience becomes her hobby. Theerut is her worst enemy and a celebrity.

5. Buang Hong

The story is about the downfall of Pimlapas, a model and daughter of a wealthy family. Her father passes away, and her boyfriend dumps her, and she becomes an orphan and penniless. She is contacted by a mysterious person and is given an offer she can’t refuse. In exchange, the owner gets assigned to steal documents from Ramet, a high-end hotel owner. She first seduces him with her beauty, and he falls for her. Eventually, she starts to like him. When she tries to steal the document, she gets caught by Ramet.

6. Beloved Loyal Wife

Beloved Loyal Wife is also known as Padiwaradda released in 2016. Rin Rapee to show gratefulness to her adoptive father accepts to disguise herself as his daughter and marries Saran. Saran is a cold-hearted guy who has suffered from his previous love. Even though he knows his adoptive family has deceived him, he doesn’t want to return his bride since he got to know about her kindness. Slowly, love grows, and their love is tested when his ex-lover, Duangsawad, returns.

7. Game Sanaeha

A lot has happened in two years: Muanchanok has studied abroad, her parents got a divorce, and her father is getting remarried. This turned her into a jealous and ill-tempered woman fixated on reuniting her parents. Lakkhano starts to live at Nok’s house. He has grown successful as a manager in her father's company. Upon being challenged by him, she starts a game of love; however, his feelings are genuine with her.

8. Neung Nai Suang

The story is about Poom, an orphan girl, and Neung, son of a former diplomat. They meet at a party one day, where Neung all’s in love after immediately seeing her. Poom, however, after being mistreated by him, still has some hatred for this man. When asked to dance together at the party, she runs away, which makes him embarrassed and angry. After this, he keeps on picking up fights with her.

9. Krong Kam

Krong Kam also known as Repercussion is a Thai drama released in 2019. It tells the story of family life where Yoi is a Thai woman with four sons Atong, Achai, Asee, and Assa. It starts with Achai getting married to Reyna, a prostitute, but he already has a fiance Phillips. Yoi, to save her family name, decides to marry Philai to Atong, her second son. Assa is the most devoted of them and for not to make the same mistake she chooses to marry him into a wealthy family. Soon a problem arises when they discover that Assa's wife was secretly pregnant with someone else’s child.

10. To The Moon And Back

Dr. Purim is a renowned neurosurgeon from a privileged family, who breaks free from his controlling father and lives independently. His secret hobby is baking; however, his life is disrupted when he meets Matalada, his neighbor. She is raised by a single father who owns a cabaret. They bond over baking and her unconventional family, and warmth fill his void.