Article: 10 K-Dramas With Unclear Endings That Confused The Viewers

The dramas leave an ambiguous end sometimes, and it can work in their favor or go against them. The makers plan on having an open ending for the viewers to have their interpretation. The makers also leave it at an inconclusive end to introduce more seasons. This series got a practical premise, but it got an unimpressive ending. The viewers got left with a cryptic finale. The viewers expected a better climax because of all the build-up. But they were left disappointed because of the way it ended. These series have gained popularity for their below-average finales. The ending of a series should be conclusive and sensible. It should tie up all the events that happened in the drama. If the end is unacceptable, the previous scenes will make no sense. A maker would want the viewers to remember the characters forever, but if the finale is not impactful, the watchers would somewhat wish to forget it. If the loose ends are not tied, the series would be readily forgotten and lead to wrong interpretations. The plot might be impressive, but the ending might not live up to the expectations. The makers are confused about binding the story together and providing a good and satisfactory end.

1. Big

The series had an intriguing storyline in the first few episodes. But the viewers were left wondering if the male lead was young or old. After he gets together with the female lead, he changes his body. The switching of the bodies was entirely unnecessary. The viewers enjoyed the series at the onset, but we're disappointed by its ending.


2. Rooftop Prince

The series was great for having a good laugh and something with a pinch of romance. The end left the viewers let down and confused. There was no clarification on whom the prince and his reincarnation the female lead chose. It got left with a loose end, and the makers couldn't find a possible way to wrap up the series in a better way. The viewers got looking up to this series but were left unsatisfied and confused.


3. The Innocent Man

The series received appreciation from the critics, but the ending was still disappointing. The viewers found many poorly written dialogues and a doubtful finale. The condition of the hero was also not revealed in the end. The least the makers could have done was to explain the ending of the series. The viewers were frustrated and tried to find an alternative ending to the drama.


4. Surplus Princess

The series was a recipe for failure since the episodes got removed. Since many episodes got edited, and as a result, many episodes got combined. The leads suddenly got together, and the romantic track got fast-forwarded. The ending gets rushed, and the female lead vanishes but returns towards the end. The makers were planning for a second season, but it wasn't possible since the first season already withdrew many scenes.


5. God's Gift

The series had an impressive opening, and the episodes were also intriguing. But the makers couldn't catch up with the plot twists and get complicated towards the end. The leads try to go beyond the realm of the period to save a little girl. The storyline gets intended to be mind-bending, but there are unfilled gaps that are left, the viewers in splits. The build-up was nice, but the ending was pretty flawed. The story had a terrific build-up but failed to leave a positive impact on the viewers.


6. High School King Of Savvy

The series concluded the story toward the end, but it was unsatisfactory. The female lead, who is thirty, gets married to a high schooler. The viewers expected a different season to show the trip of the learner and him growing up. But the age gap extended till the end of the same series, and they even got married. The viewers were shocked and confused. The series appeared unethical and nonsensical.


7. Wild Chives And Soybean Soup

The drama was a treat to the eyes, but the storyline was unbearable. The leads are together toward the end, but their families are still bickering and not satisfied with each other. The liaison left the viewers in doubt. A secret got mentioned in the first few episodes, but nothing got clarified till the end. The series should have focused more on minimal detailing instead of creating a happy ending. The story didn’t make sense from beginning to end.


8. Who Are You: School 2015

The series had an appealing plot but lost its track towards the end. The love triangle between the leads could have got portrayed with more clarity. The ending got disliked by many viewers. The male character ends up with the younger twin sister and rejects the elder sister. The revelation that he never liked the elder sister gets confusing to the viewers, and the ending appears forceful. It instead seemed like a responsibility that the makers had to fulfill.


9. The Scholar Who Walks the Night

The drama sparked high viewership with a unique concept of humans and vampires in the Joseon dynasty. But the final episodes left the viewers in absolute dismay. The hero defeated the vampire and got expected to reunify with his lover. But the makers leave it as an open ending and don't clarify if the hero is still alive and back with his lover. The series had a lot of potentials, but the finale ruined everything.


10. Cheese In The Trap

It would be safe to say that the lead actors saved the show. The leads got split up at the end of the series. But the male lead returns after three years and is completely transformed. But it wasn't shown because the male lead had such a drastic transition of thought. The reason was left to assume, and most viewers believed it was because of the separation. But it never got cleared till the end. The return was very disappointing and confusing.