Article: Top 10 Chinese Drama And Movies Of Shen Yue

Shen Yue's fascinating talents and charm have helped her carve out a special place for herself in Chinese entertainment. She has earned the hearts of fans not just in China but all across the world because of her ability to bring life to a variety of roles. I'll walk you through Shen Yue's top 10 Chinese drama and film choices in this article, which have solidified her reputation as a talented and well-liked actor.

1. Meteor Garden

It narrates the tale of Dong Shan Cai, a regular girl who enrolls in the most esteemed institution. There, she meets Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo, four of the wealthiest and most attractive boys in the school who make up F4, an elite clique. She conflicts with his classmates on the first day of school, especially the spoiled and bully Dao Ming Si. Even after enduring a string of cruel jokes intended to pain her, she still exhibits defiance. Hua Ze Lei consistently appeared to assist Shan Cai when she was on the verge of giving up on continuing to attend class there. She also starts to see the positive side of boys, which opens the door to friendship and romance.

2. A Love So Beautiful

Jiang Chen and Chen Xiao Xi are close friends as well as high school classmates. Xiao Xi is a happy girl who expresses her admiration for Jiang Chen, a well-liked man recognized for his excellent looks and great grades, in a highly expressive way. Because her love for Jiang Chen is so great, Xiao Xi keeps pursuing him because she wants him to recognize it. One of the top dramas starring Shen Yue and Hu Yi Tian is on Netflix.

3. Use For My Talent

Due to his imperfect family, Gu Ren Qi is a man with an introverted disposition and mysophobia. Shi Shuang Jiao, meanwhile, was raised in a happy home but lost her mother in a vehicle accident, leading her to degenerate into a slob. Shi Shuang Jiao joined Gu Ren Qi's cleaning business as an employee, which is how the two began to know one another. After getting to know one another, the two grew closer. They began to recover from their injuries thanks to the influence of one another.

4. Count Your Lucky Stars

It depicts the tale of Lu Xing Cheng, a legendary figure in the fashion industry renowned for his astute eye, immaculate taste, and extraordinary good fortune. While all is going on, Tong Xiao You (Shen Yue) is a fashion designer with an unceasing string of misfortune. On the verge of despair, he tried to remain alive. Xiao is perpetually cursed. You could strive hard for the rest of your life and still not be successful. He is struggling to survive every day and is doing what he can. When Xing Cheng and Xiao You are unexpectedly brought together by fate, they both learn that their circumstances have changed.

5. Be Yourself

The series' plot centers on the lives of four young women as they begin their studies. Despite being close friends, they are significantly different from one another in practically every respect. Shen Yue's character, Xia Lang Lang, is logical, headstrong, and tomboyish. But as she starts her path through further study, she realizes that she also has a softer side. She discovers that she might still be able to find the desired freedom and perhaps romance when she starts to explore the business world with her classmates.

6. Another Me

An Sheng (Shen Yue) is a young woman eager to assist Qi Yue, a hesitant friend, in meeting Su Jia Ming, a senior in middle school. However, Su Jia Ming starts to develop feelings for An Sheng, so to keep his friendship with Qi Yue intact, An Sheng travels with A Pan's singing group. After enrolling at different universities, Qi Yue and Su Jia Ming gradually grew away, and they met less frequently. An Sheng and A Pan, on the other hand, called it quits. After that, he meets Han Dong, a businessman, and begins switching jobs to support himself. After graduating, Qi Yue occupied herself with wedding preparations while Su Jia Ming constantly ignored her. Su Jia Ming's relationship with An Sheng is revealed to Qi Yue when she pays her a visit at her place of employment.

7. Mr. Bad

The protagonist of Nan Xing (Shen Yue), a lady who works as an online novelist, is modeled after Lu Zi Chen, her hero. A crafty and deceitful martial artist named Xiao Wu Di serves as the main antagonist. When Nan Xing makes a wish for "unforgettable love" at the fairy pond one day, the antagonist of the tale, Xiao Wu Di, unexpectedly materializes in front of him. Xiao Wu Di found him despite his attempts to flee and threatened to take care of him. Unfortunately for him, Nan Xing's request has a particular ability that enables Xiao Wu Di to grant his wish whenever he needs assistance.

8. One Week Friends

Shenghua High School's repeat class welcomed a new transfer student named Lin Xiang Zhi. She is educated and reserved, but she is always alone. She does not socialize with other pupils. She nonetheless caught the eye of Xu You Shu, Song Xiao Nan (Shen Yue), the worst student in the class, and aloof top student Jiang Wu due to her actions. Xu You Shu learned Lin Xiang Zhi's secret due to his desire to be friends with him. Only seven days were left in her remembrance of her pal. Four people form a "doomsday survival" team, and Xu You Shu becomes more involved in aiding this lonely girl by constantly generating surprises and memories that belong to them.

9. The Yin Yang Master

In this, Shen Yue plays the role of Shen Le. The plot revolves around Yuan Boya, a captain of the City Guard, who loses his position due to the theft of the imperial tribute he was protecting. He seeks the thieves since he can't let things go as they are and ends up visiting a mysterious realm of demons. Along the journey, he gets caught up in a conflict between the human and demon realms and Yin Yang Master Qing Ming. From mutual dislike to reluctant respect, Yuan Boya and Qing Ming eventually forge an unbreakable bond between master and "familiar." Together, the two work to uncover a plot to bring the Demon King back from the grave and end the human race while solving an old mystery and establishing Qing Ming's innocence.

10. Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Zhu Ye

In this, Shen Yue plays Dong Fang Qin Lan. It chronicles the exploits of Zhu Ye, a young child and the offspring of a formidable fox spirit. To fight against evil forces and defend her family, she must employ her special abilities and talents. She makes new friends and allies who support her in her mission.