Article: Top 10 Korean Drama And Movies Of Park Seo Joon

Unquestionably, Park Seo Joon has become one of South Korea's most popular and versatile actors in recent years. Park Seo Joon has captured the hearts of fans throughout the world with his mesmerizing performances, endearing smile, and charisma. This article will focus on the top 10 Korean dramas and films that have helped him become a rising celebrity.

1. Witch's Romance

In the rom-com "Witch's Romance" from 2014, Park Seo Joon plays Yoon Dong Ha, a young businessman who falls in love with Ban Ji Yeon, a seasoned investigative news reporter, who is portrayed by the legendary Uhm Jung Hwa. This drama is arguably one of the best Noona dramas ever produced. Ji Yeon tries to push Dong Ha away after realizing how old he is, but he won't leave for long because of his genuine affection for her and his desire to show her how much he cares. No one can watch this drama without melting along with Dong Ha as he puts on the charm along with Ji Yeon.

2. Dream High 2

"Dream High 2" is one of Park Seo Joon's earliest dramas, and it's exactly what you'd expect a 2012 drama with a ton of idol actors to be. Park Seo Joon and GOT7's JB feature as members of the idol band Eden, a well-established group that already enjoys the admiration of innumerable fans, with hopes of making it big in the tough world of entertainment. It's difficult for the band to adjust to the new school schedule required by these laws because of the new laws that have been placed in place for young performers. This drama is definitely on the list of cheesy ones, but you can't help but enjoy it because it is so great in all of its ridiculous perfection.

3. Kill Me, Heal Me

Park Seo Joon, who plays Oh Ri On, Hwang Jung Eum's twin brother, adds an unexpected twist to the touching drama "Kill Me, Heal Me" from 2015. The drama centers on Cha Do Hyun, played by Ji Sung, and his battles with dissociative identity disorder and his relationship with Oh Ri Jin, played by Hwang Jung Eum. Park Seo Joon's character, nevertheless, continues to stand out against the surroundings. Ri On, who goes by the pen name Omega, is a well-known mystery novelist despite being frequently misunderstood as a dumb simpleton. Ri On is motivated to expose the secrets of the wealthy using this alias to examine their lives, but she is unsure of how to handle things after it is revealed that her sister loves Do Hyun.

4. She Was Pretty

Returning to the role of the swoon-worthy male lead in the 2015 romantic comedy "She Was Pretty," Park Seo Joon excels as Ji Sung Joon, the attractive and accomplished editor of a top fashion magazine. Hye Jin and Sung Joon were separated when they were still young, and while they both have wonderful memories of one another, the passage of time and a complete reversal of their outer appearances have rendered them both unrecognizable to one another. Hye Jin, embarrassed by her appearance, invites her attractive friend (Go Jun Hee), who is playing Hye Jin, to meet with Sung Joon instead, but in typical rom-com fashion, nothing goes as planned. Now that Hye Jin and Sung Joon are cooperating, it is hard for either of them to remain out of the other's sight as the red rope connecting them tugs them ever closer.

5. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Park Seo Joon may not seem like the most probable choice for "heart-melting male lead" in the 2018 rom-com, but he manages to pull it off as the narcissistic vice chairman of a huge firm. The phrase "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim." Park Seo Joon's Lee Young Joon, who is completely reliant on Park Min Young's diligent, longtime secretary Kim Mi So, gets his entire world turned upside down when Mi So submits her resignation. Mi So is prepared to leave the corporate world since she is determined to start concentrating more on herself and what she wants out of life, but Young Joon won't let her. Young Joon finds himself falling in love with her despite doing everything to keep her by his side.

6. Itaewon Class

In the 2020 webtoon-turned-drama "Itaewon Class," Park Seo Joon effortlessly demonstrates that there are numerous ways to win a viewer's heart. Park Seo Joon is outstanding as Park Sae Roy, the devastated high school dropout who is out for vengeance. Sae Roy, a former prisoner who now runs a restaurant and bar in Itaewon, keeps the straight and narrow. Sae Roy is unhappy when he can't start his business because he wants to use it as a tool for revenge. He is fortunate that Jo Yi Seo, played by Kim Da Mi, enters his life at precisely the right time and completely changes it.

7. One Warm Word

The drama's plot shows two couples' challenging, illegitimate unions. Park Seo Joon is praised for his acting, even though he only played Song Min-supporting Soo in this drama. The movie "One Warm Word" exposed the viewers to a lot of horrible things. In the movie, he plays Song Min-Soo. Despite just playing a supporting role, his acting was praised for being on par with that of the main character. In this drama, Park Seo Joon may have been the first to exhibit varied acting while also demonstrating the finest understanding of the character.

8. Midnight Runners

Midnight Runners is Park Seo Joon's debut motion picture. Even though he only "fired the first shot," he quickly made a name for himself in this genre. He shook hands and became friends with Kang Ha Neul as they shifted from dramas to movies in Midnight Runners. While Park Seo Joon portrays Park Ki Joon, Kang Ha Neul plays Kang Hee Yeol. The other person is an introverted bookworm, whereas Ki Joon is a carefree personality with "hands faster than intellect." The movie informs audiences of significant issues while also making them chuckle.

9. Parasite

Parasite" is a very well-liked black comedy movie. Park Seo Joon's presence in the film draws attention even though he only had a brief cameo. He plays the part of Min Hyuk in the movie, the germ responsible for the "parasitic" incident between the two households. The subject of Min Hyuk's true personality is still being discussed among viewers. In Parasite, Park Seo Joon appeared in a "cameo" role as a close friend of Ki Woo (Choi Woo Sik), who offers his entire family, who are poor, a chance to change their lives.

10. Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

Since the passing of her father, King Beopheung, Queen Jiso (Kim Ji-soo) has ruled Silla as regent, protecting her son Sammaekjong (Park Hyung-sik) from foes and assassins. Citizens, government representatives, and Sammaekjong have all grown impatient for her to take over leadership as the young King reaches adulthood. Jiso worries about the repercussions of giving up the monarchy because the strong nobles who attempted to usurp the power are still interested in it. They are unaware that their King, Sammaekjong, and Kim Sun-woo (Park Seo-Joon), a commoner with a secret even he is not aware of, are among this new elite group of male youngsters as they grow and form bonds.