Article: 10 Underrated Japanese Comedy Movies

Japanese movies have already made a mark on the world. However, there are a few movies that are still not as popular around the world as they deserve to be. Japan definitely knows their comedy and that is why we have brought you 10 underrated Japanese Comedy movies.

1. A Drift In Tokyo

Released in 2007, this film revolves around Takemura who has no friends and family. He is a law student but is ambition less. In a turn of events a thief offers him gambling debt if he travels with him across Tokyo. The film does an amazing work of tickling the audience with its unusual storyline and amazing acting. Truly a must watch for all the comedy lovers.


2. A Man With Style

This 2011 movie revolves around a man called Junichi Miyata who was bullied in high school and swore he would become a big man. Now as an adult he works at a parcel service company, his wife is dead and has two unemployed sons. He suspects he has cancer as well and thus, seeks out his old friend and tries to make the most of time he has with his two sons.


3. Chips

This 2012 movie is truly funny. It is about a man called Tadashi Imamura who is a burglar. He idealizes a basketball player called Ozaki. One day he realizes that his connection with Ozaki is deeper than what is on the surface and decides to find the truth.


4. Fine, Totally Fine

This is one of those comfort movies you just can’t get enough of. Released in 2008 this Rom-com comedy trip takes us to a place of happiness. It is a story of two friends who fall in love with the same girl and also on the path to discover what is it that they desire from life.


5. A Stranger Of Mine

This movie is a total chaos and that is why we love it so much. It was released back in 2005 and is an amazing Romance comedy that makes you happy to your core. The story is about two lonely individuals who bond together while one of them finds himself in a big trouble. His ex gets involved with a mob boss and she asks for his help. What transpires is a funny sequence of events that tickle you all along.


6. Fish Story

2009 film about a band making it big first in the Japanese scene and then all around the world. These boys are on a mission to save the world through punk rock music. Might we say anymore?


7. Funky Forest

This is a 2005 Film with collection of stories revolving around 3 brothers – the guitar brother, the older sibling and the Caucasian brother. It did not perform very well on the box office but is considered a masterpiece by its fans.


8. No More Cry

It is an interesting tale of two brothers who were separated in childhood but fate brings them together, however, neither is willing to accept the latter is their brother. This film was released in 2009 and follows a really witty storyline. This one is worth the watch.


9. The Apology King

This one is a true-blue masterpiece. Yuzuru Kurojima has a unique job, to teach people how to apologize. He solves problems of people by teaching them ways of apologizing and also solves problems through his talent even helping with a national crisis.


10. A Ghost Of A Chance

This film was released back in 2011 and tells the story of an average lawyer who wants to win a case. She neds up taking help of ghosts to help her case but the problem is how will the witness arrive in the court? It makes one laugh wholeheartedly. Truly a must watch.