Article: 11 Best Japanese Dialogues Of All Time

Japanese movies are a breed of their own. The beautiful encapsulation of raw emotions is something that comes naturally to the Japanese. The Japanese film industry has given us some great dialogues that teach us the ways of the world and act as bad-ass one liner as well. Below is a list of 11 best Japanese Dialogues of all time.

1. “I Don’t Have Time To Hate Anyone. I Don’t Have That Kind Of Time.”

This quote is from Ikiru released in 1952. The movie is about a middle-aged man who is diagnosed with cancer. In the time of death, he finds the true meaning and the true essence of life and living.


2. “The Shadow Of A Man Can Never Stand Up And Walk On Its Own.”

This is from a 1980 film called Kagemusha. It is loosely based on a powerful 16th century feudal lord and tells the story of a thief who tries to take the lord’s place.


3. “In A Mad World, Only The Mad Are Sane.”

This philosophical quote is from Ran released in 1985. This movie took 10 years to complete and is considered a masterpiece because of the details of the story. The story tells the story of greed of power and the lust for revenge.


4. “I Guess There’s No Cure For Stupidity, Except For Death.”

This samurai movie called Yojimbo truly captures the heart and soul of the life of a samurai. The movie is about a brave samurai who can kill and win wars easily but he prefers peace. He tries to keep the reins in and use violence only when peace isn’t an option.


5. “Is There No God To Protect Us?”

The classic Seven Samurai is a movie which has given us same great quotes. The movie is about farmers who are oppressed and desperate and will do anything to survive. The story takes in the oppression and creates something magical. This line truly hits the mark for the audience.


6. “Find Hungry Samurai. Even Bears Come Down From The Mountains When They Are Hungry.”

Another treasure from Seven Samurai. The farmers do not lose hope and put there hopes in one man in order to get out their impoverished shape. He encourages them and asks them to take the reins of their lives in their own hands.


7. “So, I Would Like Everyone To Kill Each Other Today.”

Battle Royale is a gruesome movie which also makes it a masterpiece. This 2000 film is a dystopian fantasy where children are forced by the government to kill one another on a battle game called Battle Royale. Who stays alive till the end wins. The teacher starts the game with these words. It truly sets the theme of the film.


8. “That Guy Stole An Irreplaceable Thing, Your Heart.”

This manga comic strip is called Lupid the Third, and it tells a story of a thief. It is one of the most popular Japanese anime series across the world.


9. “Everybody Is Crazy.”

This 1989 movie called Violent Cop is a story of a police officer who follows his own rules and ends up in a drama of drugs, gangsters and gang violence. It is a very dark thriller film that truly captures a crazy world.


10. “A Pig That Doesn’t Fly Is Just An Ordinary Pig.”

This is also an animated film called Porso Rosso released in 1992. It tells the story of a World War 2 pilot who turns into a pig and rescues damsels and victims from pirates. This line is famously said by Porco Russo himself.


11. “Don’t Make A Fool Of Me!”

This 1982 film called Onimasa is a gangster drama often referred to as Japanese Godfather. The film tells the story of a crime lord and his family. This movie won a number of awards and is critically acclaimed. This line is said by a headstrong striking young lady in the film who is also the lead. She is strong, liberal and challenges the patriarchal society.