Article: Top 10 Japanese Romantic Comedy Suggestions For Beginners

Japanese dramas are primarily famous for their unique and not so cliché stories. Even in the romantic comedy genre, they are not afraid of sad endings or to experiment with their style of drama. Most of us have heard of how K-Dramas do not deal with specific topics that are treated as taboo in Korea, but Japanese dramas are not afraid of exploring such issues. Although most of the dramas are adapted from manga, they are worth the watch and are usually shorter as compared to K-dramas making them time-efficient as well. Therefore, here are some suggestions for newbies who want light dramas to start their journey.

1. A Litre Of Tears

Not entirely in the romantic comedy category, but the drama is inspirational and serves as a great welcome to the new land of Japanese dramas. As you can tell from the name of the show, get your tissues ready for one of the best acted and heartfelt dramas released in a while. The show has been highly appreciated by viewers.


2. From Five To Nine

The perfect romantic comedy to watch when you are not entirely in the mood to watch anything else. The drama focuses on an English teacher and her struggles with life, marriage, family and aspirations. Released in 2015, the acting was critically acclaimed and was highly motivational.


3. Hanazakari No Kimitachi E

For most of it, the story focuses on friendship and comedy. The drama has been adapted from the manga Hana Kimi, which was so popular that it was also adopted by China, Korea, and Taiwan. It focuses on a girl who joins an all-boys boarding school for that one guy. This series is chaotic, to say the least.


4. Rich Man, Poor Woman

For all the romantic drama fanatics, you would not want to miss out on this 2012 drama. It is not a recent release but it’s definitely one of the best out there.  Although from the name, it might seem like a typical Asian story, but the difference in social settings, and struggles of the characters is what makes it a good watch.


5. Boku Dake Ga 17-Sai No Sekai De

A 2020 release is a short series, with the main focus on thriller and fantasy. The show explores the theme of time travel, friendship, second chances, and most importantly, love. The drama consists of only eight episodes, making it a quick binge. Also, be sure to look out for the beautiful cherry blossoms.


6. Perfect Crime

The 2019 show is a ten-episode R-18 rated drama so young watchers, this one is not for you. The drama serves some incredible realistic goals, explores modern relationships and commitments and shows us what mistakes we make when we seek love in all the wrong places with its relatable characters.


7. Itazura Na Kiss: Love In Tokyo

The drama translates to Mischievous Kiss in English. The drama was released in 2013 but remains relevant and highly recommended to beginners because of its easy-going and cute story. The show has been adapted from the Japanese manga of the same name. The drama is set in a school and focusses on two schoolmates, Kotoko Aihara and Naoki Irie. It has been adapted in other regions and languages as well.


8. Kahogo No Kahoko

What happens when two individuals living completely opposite lives cross paths with one another? Find out in this exciting drama filled with adorable characters and a loving romance. Even though the central theme of the drama remains a romantic comedy, it is an excellent drama inculcating values of independence, dignity and gratitude.


9. Last Cinderella

The drama was released back in 2013 with about 11 episodes. It became a sitcom hit and was praised due to the great chemistry between the leads and remains quite popular amongst drama watchers. The acting, the elements and the storyline remains superior even after years.


10. An Incurable Case Of Love

Released in 2020, the drama takes place in a medical setting, which follows the story of a college freshman, Nanase Sakura, aspiring to be a doctor. Obsessed with Kairi Tendo, the doctor she met years ago, Nanase works hard to get on his good side. The drama is light-hearted and has been famous on social media due to its comedic timing.