Article: Top Ten K-Pop Idols Who Set New Records

By now, we already know that the Korean Wave has taken over the world. K-pop is quite popular and has become a part of mainstream media. With this vast exposure, the idols are setting and breaking records every comeback. Some idols have set new standards even for the Hollywood industry, while some have broken some bizarre records. Either way, the Koreans have stepped up their game, and the world is watching. Below are some k-pop idols who have set new records:

1. BTS

Everybody knows BTS and the names of each member by now. They have achieved the Beatle's level of popularity, and it keeps growing. Their music video Butter broke Five Guinness World Records on Youtube after its release. These boys have broken 23 world records in total.


2. NCT Taeil

NCT’s main vocalist Taeil broke the world record for being the fastest to gain seven digits worth of following within 24 hours. The idol thanked his fans for the immense love showered on him. Later the record was broken by BTS’s V and Blackpink’s Lisa.


3. Blackpink Rosé

After the release of Blackpink Rose’s On The Ground music video, it broke the record for the most viewed Youtube music video in 24 hours. She was also the first singer to reach #1 on Billboard Global 200 and the Global Exclusive U.S. She was the first one to top the charts as a soloist and a member of a group.


4. Blackpink Lisa

Blackpink’s Lisa broke the world record for having the most viewed Youtube music video by a K-pop solo artist within 24 hours. Her solo ‘LALISA’ quickly gained 73.6m views in a day. The video also broke the world record for being the most viewed Youtube music video by a soloist beating Taylor Swift. She is also the K-pop idol who has the highest following on Instagram.


5. Hwang Kwanghee

Hwang Kwanghee is a 33-year-old South Korean singer, actor, and TV personality. On May 28th, 2011, he participated in clothes layering game hosted at the “2011 Environment Day” event. He set the world record with 252 layers of t-shirts. Quite bizarre but still record-breaking.


6. Lee Hyori

The South Korean popstar, record producer, activist, actress, and television presenter broke the record for the most appeared face in the front of the newspaper. This was when her popularity peaked in 2003 with the release of her song “10 minutes.” She appeared a total of 891 times in the newspapers.


7. PSY

The 44-year-old South Korean singer Psy holds a total of 7 world records. He is a songwriter, rapper, and record producer. Gangnam Style is the most liked video in Youtube history as of 2012. It was also the first video that was viewed more than a billion times on Youtube.


8. Shinhwa

Shinhwa is a six-member South Korean boy band that debuted under SM Entertainment in 1998. They hold the record for the longest-running K-pop idol group. The group has been together for 24 years now. Although the group had conflicts regarding their name with the company, they did not disband.


9. Han Young

Han Young is an actor, singer, MC, and former K-pop idol. She was a member of the group Lovely Pretty Girls, who sang trot songs. She holds the record for the longest legs on a female celebrity. Her legs are as tall as 179cm. She mentions her concern about not being able to wear pretty clothes because of her long legs; instead wears men’s pants.


10. TVXQ

TVXQ is now a male pop duo under SM Entertainment which was initially a five-member group. They set the record for being the most photographed group in 2009. Through their tiring schedules, the group was photographed over 500 million times.