Article: Top 10 K-Pop Idols Born In The Year Of Rabbit

The Year of the Rabbit is a zodiac sign in the Chinese astrology system, characterized by gentleness, kindness, and diplomacy. People born in the Year of the Rabbit are believed to be friendly and empathetic. If you were born this year, you might share your zodiac with famous personalities like Albert Einstein and David Beckham. And so are many amazing Korean idols born this year. So here is a list of the artists who were born in the year of Rabbit.

1. Yuqi

Who doesn’t love the deep voice of (G)-Idle’s Yuqi? But don’t be tricked by her rough voice, for the person herself is a softie and amazingly charismatic. She herself looks like a rabbit too, especially her doe eyes do the trick!

2. Yeri 

Yeri is the maknae of Red Velvet, who joined the group a bit late. Yet she was able to capture hearts worldwide, with her loving yet chaotic personality. Staying true to her roots, she is a rabbit in real life too- cute and kind.

3. Tzuyu

We have another maknae on this list, and it is none other than Tzuyu of Twice. Tzuyu is known to be kind, yet she can turn playfully savage to her group anytime she wants. Her kindness intertwined with playfulness and diplomacy makes her one that belongs to the Year of the Rabbit.

4. Yena

Yena is a former member of IZ*One and currently, she promotes as a solo artist. Today, most of her concept revolves around being an adorable troublemaker, and her visuals add an extra cherry to it. All of this makes her the rabbit of the industry.

5. Chaeyoung

We have another member of Twice, and it is none other than the second youngest member of the group, Chaeyoung. Rabbits are often associated with creativity, and Chaeyoung, as an artist and performer, displays her creativity through her music and casual fashion.

6. Yeonjun

Yeonjun is known as the golden boy of TXT. One excellent trait of Yeonjun is his adaptability to various concepts. So even if it is a TikTok dance designed for a girl group, trust him to slay it all! His sociability and adaptability make him a rabbit.

7. Mark

Mark Lee of NCT is in four different groups- NCT, NCT 127, NCT Dream and SuperM. This is a testimony to his adaptability and versatility. Along with that, he is a social butterfly too, making it reasonable why he belongs to the rabbit line.

8. San

San of ATEEZ is known for powerful moves and extremely charismatic performances on stage. But off-screen he is one adorable, whiny rabbit. His smile gets cuter as it widens, making him a true bunny!

9. Dino

Guess we have another maknae on the list, yet it’s a male idol and belongs to the multitalented group Seventeen. Dino sure is part of the dance line of the group. But underestimate him, he can ace all the aspects easily and deliver an amazing performance. He is agile and that also makes him a rabbit.

10. Yunho

Yunho is a must-watch when he dances. But his singing skills aren’t to be missed too. That makes him an all-rounder and also is proof of his adaptability. He is also known to be the kind one in the group, so we understand why he is a rabbit.