Article: Top 10 K-Pop Songs That Fit Disney Channel

K-pop songs are known for their infectious melodies and vibrant production values, making them particularly engaging and appealing to a wide audience. Due to this diversity and versatility, they can sometimes resemble the joyful and upbeat nature of Disney songs. They can even have their own stories to give a push to the protagonists of their stories. So, here is a list of the top 10 songs that are a good fit for the Disney Channel.

1. Bon Voyage

The first song is YooA’s solo debut, who originally belongs to the highly famed group Oh My Girl. From the captivating camerawork to the forest aesthetic, the music video is a delight to watch. A girl, untouched by the cruelties of the modern world, singing about her magical life in the forest - this already becomes the plot for the next Disney Princess movie.

2. Time Of Our Life

This song is a memoir of the colorful youth. Day6 gave us a song that can easily fit into any happy situation, whether we are graduating or getting married. This song could fit as a theme song for any Disney coming-of-age series. A song telling the youth about the immense opportunities in this world while making happy memories- perfect!

3. The Feels

This was Twice’s first English single, and they nailed it so well! Starting with an invitation to prom and ending with an announcement of their concert dates, this was an iconic release. Won't the bass intro and Chae's ‘Boy I boy I boy I know' fit so well as an opening song for prom prom-themed series? The music video itself is designed to give those high school prom vibes, so this is a pure Disney song.

4. Play 

Chungha released ‘Play’ in 2020 and it featured Changmo. The best part of this production was the intense sporty choreography. It was powerful yet the dancers made it enjoyable. Somehow the chorus instrumental and outro of Play made me reminiscent of Rapunzel's or Tangled's dance scene in the kingdom and the leads finally striking a couple pose at the end of the song - might be a bit far-fetched but still enough for me to pass as a Disney song.

5. Dream Girls

I.O.I debuted in 2016 with this song. This song is such a serotonin booster and can make anyone’s day right. I have so many ideas for this song- girls who were deemed as losers working hard towards their dreams or an opening theme song for movies like Sofia the First or an ending theme for a simple high school girls' movie - this song is honestly so precious!

6. I

Vocal queen Taeyeon of Girls Generation made her solo debut with ‘I’, and it remains one of the most unforgettable debuts ever. A princess finally leaves her cruel stepmom or stepfather and sings a song about her freedom or just someone enjoying her life in the hills. This song can even pass off as the Korean version of ‘Let It Go. True to its lyrics, this song is a ‘beauty’ that deserves to be an OST for a Disney animation.

7. My Sea

IU has a knack for releasing masterpieces, but this song is on another level. No arguments are to be taken against the fact that ‘My Sea’ is the Korean version of ‘How Far I’ll Go’ or controversially, maybe even better. This song travels in waves and brings paramount emotions to the surface, making it best for a Disney movie.

8. Happy Death Day

This song is a very tricky choice since it is rough and maybe even scary for some. But don’t all Disney movies have their antagonist? No matter how evil they are, they deserve their musical number too. So, here come Xdinary Heroes with their satirical evil music that one can’t get enough of.

9. Lucky Girl 

This song by Red Velvet is a whole story in itself. It has its uplifting moments, as well as some main climaxes. It reminds me of magicians sporting tricks while dancing to the song and introducing the protagonist of the movie. The free-spirited nature of the song makes it worthy of Disney’s productions.

10. Blueming

‘Blueming’ by IU reminds me of Snow White who lived with the dwarfs. She would wake up and enjoy all the chores she did while lovingly sending the dwarfs to work. It can also be a theme song for Cinderella, who despite troubles, has a nice time with her animal friends. This song’s versatility is commendable!