Article: Top 10 Unforgettable And Iconic Stage Performances From K-Pop Idols

K-pop idols throughout the time have given the most iconic and unforgettable performances,- they sing, they dance and they look good while doing it. Performing such hard and energetic choreo is not easy and singing at the same time makes it even harder, let’s appreciate their hard work by looking back at the best performances from the past few years :

1. Mamamoo – Hip Remix Version

Mamamoo are called the queens of k-pop and with this performance we can truly say that it is justified. The stage presence, the vocals, the performance, Mamamoo’s Hip was easily the best performance in K-pop. They really emphasize how next level performances can be, when you have useful talent and control over the art you present.


2. Twice – Feel Special (R & B ) Remix

The synchronization of Twice is one for the books and the power they hold with their walk is absolute fire. This MAMA performance is gold .

The R & B remix of the song was the best thing that JYPE ever thought of .This performance is one of the reasons why Jihyo is always mentioned when it’s about best leaders ranking. She had an anxiety attack here but she still performed for her members and fans.


3. Dua Lipa / Hwasa – Don’t Start Now / New Rules

Collaboration  that no one ever even imagined. Hwasa introducing Dua lipa was totally the highlight of the show. Hwasa’s voice impressed Dua so much that they even recreated her world famous song Physical together.


4. Bts – Intro + N.o. + We Are Bulletproof Pt.2

BTS literally turns every award show into their personal concerts.Their performances are really iconic and this one will never be forgotten in the history of the MAMA award show. The whole moment is beautiful, their voices, eye contacts, smiles, everything was perfect.


 5. BTS – Boy With Luv + Microcosmos

BTS here showed countless reasons why they are called the greatest group in the world and their old songs with hard choreography shows from where they have started and reached the heights, purely with their hard work. This wholesome performance is a must watch.


6. Ateez – Best Performance Mashup 2 + Wonderland

This MAMA performance can make anyone addicted . Ateez’s MAMA performance is the most watched rookie group stage without Collaboration in MAMA’s history. This easily is the best performance ever. We get chills watching their stage presence, powerful choreo, rap and live vocals.


7. Twice – Fancy

Fancy is among the greatest Twice's songs there is and this performance is truly a masterpiece, also after a tiring world tour the fact that they managed to put on such a great and powerful show is incredible. Twice’s stage presence, vocals, dancing and visuals are no joke.


8. Itzy – Dalla Dalla

Let’s be honest, this debut stage was and still is iconic. Just the five of them were enough to fill the stage, for a debut stage. No backup dancers, no fancy set stage decor, Zero mistakes, zero awkwardness, iconic debut song, literally everything is perfect.


9. J.Y.Park & Mamamoo – Who’s Your Mama ? Yes I Am

Another iconic performance from the year 2019 and the reason that makes this performance so amazing is Mamamoo and JYP have the same energy by the way they perform and always surprise the audience.


10. J.Y.park & Hwasa – Don’t Leave Me

Who can forget the most iconic Jackson wang's reaction to JYP ‘s plastic pants? Not us! It’s the iconic face of K-pop memes and the performance this meme belongs to is also the greatest of all time .