Article: Top Ten Chinese Comedy Movies

Who doesn't enjoy a good laugh while watching a movie? There are so many movies that make us laugh. It not only relieves our stress but also makes our mood lighter. Here are ten Chinese comedy films, along with the action, romance genres that will keep you hooked.

1. Let The Bullets Fly

Set in China during the 1920s Warlords Period, Zhang, a bandit chief, arrives in a remote provincial town posing as its new mayor, an identity he stole from Old Tang, himself a small-time imposter. Zhang, hell-bent on making quick money, soon meets his match in the tyrannical local gentry Huang, resulting in a deadly battle of wits and brutality.


2. Mr. Pride Vs Miss. Prejudice

Mr. Pride v/s Miss. Prejudice is a story about an online writer Tang Nan Nan who comes across Zhu Hour a second-generation wealthy boy, which results in humorous situations and face-offs.


3. Hot Summer Days

Hot Summer Days is a movie about a heatwave that engulfs the Chinese territory. The movie covers the story of different characters present at that time. While the city is going through the heatwave, absurd feelings emerge, and impossible becomes possible, and love explodes in every corner of the city.


4. Wish Dragon

Wish Dragon is an animation movie that has themes of comedy and adventure. The film is about Din, who longs to reconnect with his childhood best friend, and then he meets a magical dragon who can grant his wishes and show him the magic of possibilities.


5. Monster Hunt 2

Monster Hunt 2 is the sequel to Monster Hunt. The film is set in a world where monsters and humans co-exist and tell a story about Wuba, a monster born to be a king. The sequel shows the continuation with Wuba after he parts with human parents for his journey.


6. Jian Bing Man

Jian Bing Man is a comedy movie about a discredited actor struggling to find ways to the top while finding the meaning of true friends on the way.


7. The Lucky Guy

The Lucky Guy is a comedy romance drama movie about a coffee shop, Lucky that is well known for its tarts and tea and involves waiter Sui who attracts a lot of girls. He and his friends, Nam and Fok, all have love problems. However, at the same time, the coffee shop may close since the landlord increases the rent tremendously.


8. All Well, Ends Well

All well Ends Well is a comedy movie about the Yau brothers who team up with con artists the Lui sisters, to scam the infamous mob boss.


9. The Wedding Banquet

The Wedding Banquet is a romantic comedy movie about a Taiwanese American man who is settled in New York with his boyfriend but to satisfy his parents, he resolves to marry a girl, but when his parents visit, things get out of hand.


10. Lost In Russia

Lost in Russia is about Xu, a middle-aged businessman who gets trapped on the K3 Beijing Moscow Trans-Siberian train with his mother. This six-day train journey gives Xu and his mother a chance to bond.