Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Who Learnt Martial Arts

Korean dramas and movies are famous worldwide, and one of the primary reasons for this is the natural acting and roles played by the celebrities with their whole hearts. The actors play different functions based on the script, such as a doctor, lawyer, and sportsperson, and one of those is a fighter.  Several actors made their films famous with their fighting techniques and skills which they learned. Let’s know about the top 10 Korean celebrities who learned martial arts and showed the same in their films and dramas:

1. Lee Joon Gi

Lee Joon Gi is a world-famous Korean actor and a multitalented person who is good at acting, dancing, singing, and martial arts.   Lee Joon Gi played a leading role in the historical drama ‘The King and The Clown’ in 2005 and rose to fame. Lee also did several thriller dramas, such as Lawless Lawyer and lower of Evil.  Lee’s incredible fighting skills in drama are because of the techniques he learned, and he also won a black belt for it; he is a taekwondo champion and a master in hapkido.


2. Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji Won is a South Korean actress famous for her versatilities in performing several different roles.  Ha started her career in the Korean film industry in 1996 and played supporting roles for many years.  In 2001, Ha played a leading role in the film ‘Beautiful Life’ followed by several other popular movies and dramas.  Ha Ji always played her action roles without any stunt double.  She learned martial arts, boxing, kendo, etc.  She loves to do action scenes and considers it another language to express herself and her body.


3. Lee Si Young

Lee Si Young is a famous South Korean actress and an amateur boxer.  Lee began her acting career in 2008 but gained attention in 2009 by doing several high-profile supporting roles.  Apart from her sweet character, she showed her boxing skills in the drama ‘Sweet Home’ as a badass lady.  Ha started boxing in 2010 and won championships for her excellent fighting skills.


4. Park Hyung Sik

Park Hyung Sik is a South Korean actor.  Park first appeared in several music videos, shows, and then modeling.  Park Hyung Sik began his acting career in the drama “I Remember You” in 2012.  Park’s other dramas and movies are High Society, The Heirs, Strong Girl Bong-Soon, and his famous drama ‘Happiness.  Park is a black belt champion in martial arts and has learned it for about seven years.


5. Ahn Bo Hyun

Ahn Bo Hyun is also a South Korean actor.  The series in which Ahn played role are Her Private Life, Itaewon Class, Yumi’s cell, Military Prosecutor Doberman, etc.  Ahn began his acting career in 2014; earlier, he was a boxer who won gold medals and one award in the national boxing game.

6. Jang Hyuk

Jang Hyuk is a South Korean actor and rapper.  Jang began his acting career in the Korean film industry in 1997 through the television drama ‘Model.’  Jang did several television series and dramas, but his breakout movie was ‘Volcano High’ in 2001.  Then Jang did several famous movies such as Slave Hunter and You are my Destiny and debuted in the Hollywood movie Dance of the Dragon.  Jang has excellent fighting skills; he trained in taekwondo, boxing, and Jeet Kune. The primary reason for Jang to do most of the fighting scenes by himself was because he was traumatized when he saw a stuntman get himself poorly injured at the time; Jang Hyuk began his acting career.


7. Jung Hae-In

Jung Hae In is a trendy South Korean actor.  Jung decided to become an actor when he was in the military and shockingly lost 12 kilograms to achieve his dream.  In 2014, he appeared in the series Bride of the Century, and then in 2017, the drama ‘While you were Sleeping’ became his breakout drama.  Jung is expertise in taekwondo and also learned martial arts for his famous series ‘Snowdrop,’ which became a huge success.


8. Lee Jong-Suk

Lee Jong-Suk is a multitalented South Korean actor and model.  Lee Jong entered the film industry in 2011 by doing the supporting role in the drama Secret Garden and then several other dramas and movies.  Lee Jong also won many awards in the national and international film festivals. Lee Jong’s acting and stunts in the drama ‘W: The Two Worlds’ mesmerized us and put a permanent print on our hearts.  Lee Jong is a black belt champion and has excellent fighting skills.


9. Choi Si-Won

Choi Si-Won is a South Korean singer, songwriter, model, and actor, and he is also a part of the boy group ‘Super Junior.’  Choi performed excellently in his dramas and series with his whole heart.  The web series in which he played leading roles are Poseidon, Oh! My Lady, Revolutionary Love, etc. Choi has also trained in taekwondo and is the youngest 4th Dan black belters.


10. Jung Yun Ho

Jung Yun Ho is a trendy K-pop singer, songwriter, and actor.  Jung Yun Ho also has a stage name, ‘U Know Yunho.’  Jung is a member of the TVXQ group.  He is called the ‘K pop’s Dancing King’ and he went to the concert to tribute to the greatest legend ‘Mickael Jackson.’  Besides all these outstanding achievements, he is also a black belt champion in taekwondo and 3rd Dan in Hapkido. Hence, all the celebrities mentioned above are martial art experts and have excellent fighting skills.