Article: Korean Actors Who Are Taking The Unconventional Route

It is not compulsory that what we want to do in the future can be achieved by us; sometimes, we do something that we never expect ourselves to do. Let us know about some Korean actors who dreamt of something else but ended up in the Korean film industry:

1. Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye-Kyo is a famous South Korean actress who gained popularity in Korea and internationally. Song Hye-Kyo is one of the highest-ranked celebrities in Korea, whose popularity climbed at a higher speed.  Shockingly, Song Hye-Kyo’s dream was not to become an actress; instead, when she was in elementary school, she took coaching to become a professional figure skater, but she quit it afterwards.  Earlier, she decided to become a model and won first prize in a model contest; then, she started working in a model company.  Afterward, she got a role in her first drama and thus began her career in the film industry.


2. Lee Min Ho

LEE MIN HO is a world-famous South Korean actor, singer, model, businessman, and creative director.  Lee Min Ho also won several Best Actor Awards in Korean and international film festivals.  Lee Min Ho’s dramas and movies that made him worldwide famous are Boys Over Flower, The Heirs, The Legend of the Blue Sea, The King: Eternal Monarch, etc.  But Lee Min Ho’s dream was never to become a celebrity; he and his mother wanted him to become a soccer player; for that, he took soccer classes and also decided to enroll in a middle school where he could continue his dream. But, an accident during one of his matches in elementary school broke his arm, and his dream of becoming a soccer player ended.


3. Jun Ji Hyun

Jun Ji Hyun is most of the highest-paid Korean actresses; she is also a model. Jun Ji Hyun is a multitalented person who played all the parts well. Jun Ji Hyun gained popularity by acting in the film ‘IL MARE.’  Jun also played a role in Hollywood movies.  Jun’s actual dream was to become a flight attendant since childhood; she always thought of becoming a flight attendant and traveling the entire world.  Jun’s mother wants her to become a successful and famous model, but her dream is not this.  Jun was confident about her goal, but she endured a bad experience on a flight when she was in elementary school and thus, gave up her dream and became a model and, later, a famous actress.


4. Won Bin

Won Bin is a South Korean actor who gained popularity when he played a role in the television series ‘Autumn of My Heart.’   Won Bin starred in only five films. Won Bin wants to become a car mechanic and live a decent life.  Won always loved motorcycles and wanted to improve his skills in this field.  He even enrolled in a high school where he learned to repair cars and motorcycles.  But, in his last year of high school, he applied to a TV station and got selected, thus, becoming who he is now.


5. Jung Hae In

Jung Hae IN is also a world-famous South Korean actor.  Jung Hae In lost 12 kilograms to become an actor when he was in military service.  He became famous after his role in the series ‘While You Were Sleeping’ and then played leading roles in several series such as ‘Something in the Rain.’  Jung’s absolute dream was to be significant in the biotechnology field and become a researcher.


6. Song Joong Ki

Song Joong KI is a trendy and handsome Korean actor.  He won all his audience’s hearts when he played a leading role in the historical series Sungkyunkwan Scandal and then several shows and dramas. Song Joong Ki showed excellent skating skills in his drama ‘Triple’ because he was a champion in skating at some time. To be more specific, becoming an actor was not his dream; he wanted to become a short-track speed skater in elementary school.  Song Joong Ki also won several competitions as a skater, but an injury in high school forced him to give up his dream.


7. Sung Hoon

Sung Hoon is a South Korean actor.  Sung Hoon’s birth name was Bung In-Gyu, but because he was often sick when he was a child, his name changed to Sung Hoon.  The drama ‘New Tale of Gisaeng’ made him very famous.  Sung Hoon joined the military after enrolling in university to clear his mind and decide what he wanted to do.  His earlier dream was to become a professional swimmer, and no doubt he was becoming successful.  Still, a spinal injury compelled him to give up his goal and put him in a dilemma.  Sung Hoon then decides to enter the film industry.


8. Kang Dong-Won

Kang Dong Won is a Korean model, film actor, and television actor.  Kang Dong Won acted in several films, and the first film that gave him recognition was ‘Temptation of Wolves.’  Kang Dong Woon belonged to an impoverished family, so he did several part-time jobs to meet ends.  Kang Dong Won’s absolute dream was to become a soccer player, but his family’s poverty made him give up his dream.  Kang then decided to study, and his IQ supported him.  He was chosen for miodeling scouted by an agency by chance and his life changed as afterwards, he became an actor.


9. Jin Ki-Joo

Jin Ki-Joo is a South-Korean actress; she began her career in the Korean film industry in 2015.  But, the year in which she got popular was 2018, when she acted in the television series ‘Come and Hug Me.’  Jin is a multitalented person. Jin Ki-Joo worked as an employee at Samsung Company. Then, she became a reporter and showed her skills in this field. Later, she entered the Korean film industry and successfully became an actress.


10. So-Ji Sub

So-Ji Sub is a famous South Korean actor who entered the Korean film industry to earn extra money. So-Ji Sub dreamt of becoming a professional swimmer and gave about eleven years of his life to swimming.  So-Ji Sub also won a medal in the Korean national game but started modeling to earn money and eventually became an actor. Hence, the Korean actors mentioned above are the actors who became such popular and successful people, even though they didn’t dream of being.