Article: Top 10 K-Drama Sequels Rated According To Their Performances

Some of the K-Dramas are so influential that due to their popular demand or intriguing, the storyline is divided into several seasons; such techniques keep us hooked, and recently more and more dramas are coming back with more seasons, showing us the changes that are taking place in the Korean industry. They are not sticking to just sixteen episodes per drama. Nowadays even several of the episodes are changing. More dramas that are being brought to Netflix or, are produced by Netflix has lowered their several episodes but is releasing more seasons so that we can look forward to them. Therefore here are some of the dramas that have sequels and we love them.

1. Hospital Playlist

The recent hospital drama, which has a huge star cast (and mind you, famous), is about friendship, life, and the happiness and sorrow of life; the drama was so well appreciated that it came back for a second season, a year later. The drama is our recent favourite, and we hope for it to have more seasons.


2. Reply Series

The director, Shin Won Ho, is the same for both the series, Hospital Playlist and Reply series is same; the star cast of the reply series made guest appearances in Hospital Playlist too, they also share the same writer, whose name is Lee Woo-Jeong.


3. The Penthouse

The ongoing thriller drama show has actually been going on for about a year, with little breaks. The plots and twists of the show have the audience on edge, and many of them are showing their frustration on social media. Yet many of them are asking for a fourth season when it was confirmed for only three.


4. Love Alarm

Now Love Alarm is one of the rare shows that broke the stereotype of the second lead syndrome. Although the drama lovers waited a long time for the drama, many of them bashed the second season of the drama and were not critically appreciated, yet the drama is worth the watch for those who loved the first season.


5. Voice

Voice is one of the rare shows in K-Drama, which has had four seasons, with no confirmation for a fifth one; the drama deals with psychology and mental disorders like a split personality disorder. It’s an investigation drama. There are some triggers like shock aversion and heavy violence.


6. Hello, My Twenties

The theatrical drama following the stories of friends, or roommates turned friends and their struggles in the twenties, as the name suggests is a comedy and is something people related to quickly, which is why the major characters from the first season returned for a second one.


7. Dr. Romantic

Another medical drama, Dr Romantic, is said to return for a third season too. Their filming is supposed to start by the end of November this year. The best part is there is no need to watch it in order, and the story still makes sense. The drama first aired in 2016.


8. Welcome To Waikiki

One of the funniest dramas ever, the series is based on a group of friends with different career paths, running a guesthouse to manage their finances. The drama is a youth-centric comedy, and due to its popularity, it is coming back with a second season, the drama has been rated highly.


9. Kingdom

Premiered back in 2019, this zombie series has since then gained momentum. Recently a movie was released of the same name too. There have been two seasons already and the show is ready for its return in the third season. The show also gained popularity due to its real-life resonating with the COVID pandemic and became a must-watch.


10. My First First Love

The drama is about a bunch of friends moving in together and living under the same roof, and how that created some misunderstandings. But eventually, their bond grew more robust. The story is also a youth-centred story about first love, which was also divided into two parts to keep the watchers hooked.