Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas Dealing With Mental Illness

A mental condition may be challenging to comprehend for mentally healthy people, but that does not mean you should not attempt it. In recent years, Korean dramas have begun to emphasize the importance of mental health issues and depict them in daily life. Here is a list of the Top 10 Korean Dramas Dealing with Mental Illness.

1. Healer

Seo Jung Hoo, known for his exceptional fighting skills, is an illegal night courier with the codename Healer. Chae Young-shin, a tabloid reporter, suffers from PTSD brought on by the abuse she suffered as a child and panic attacks anytime she sees violence. The two come into contact when Kim Mun-ho, a well-known journalist, engages Healer to find Young-shin and defend her from those who want her dead. He unknowingly falls in love with Young-shin while protecting her.

2. It Is Okay To Not Be Okay

Moon Gang-Tae is a young man who works as a caretaker in a psychiatric hospital. At the hospital. He meets Ko Moon-young, a well-known children’s book author dealing with an antisocial personality disorder. While overcoming their mental health issues, the two falls in love and support one another’s recovery.

3. In Heart To Heart

Cha Hong-do has a severe case of social anxiety, which causes her to blush a lot whenever she meets someone’s gaze. She meets doctor Go Yi-Seok and becomes motivated to get better. But Yi-Seok also has a lot to deal with, including a sister who is a sufferer ill from family neglect and a mother who is bipolar and depressed. Nevertheless, he chooses to kindly help Hong-do in her worry, beginning their sweet path of recovery.

4. Kill Me, Heal Me 

Chaebol Cha Do-Hyun suffers from dissociative identity disorder because of a traumatic childhood event. He received therapy for years, but his symptoms remain the same. Oh Ri-jin, a resident psychiatrist, is introduced to Cha Do-Hyun. Little did he realize that she was also a part of his childhood trauma when he appointed her as his psychiatrist to help him recover his lost childhood memories.

5. Good Doctor 

Pediatrician Park Si-on has savant syndrome and autism. He enters the highly competitive field of medicine and faces challenges in becoming a successful physician. Despite having exceptional medical knowledge, his harsh social skills upset his patients and colleagues.

6. Soul Mechanic

Lee Si-Joon is a psychiatrist who is dedicated to his work and finds creative ways to help patients in healing. He meets Han Woo-Joo, a musical actress who frequently experiences emotional breakdowns due to her borderline personality disorder. After a patient commits suicide, Lee Si-Joon, who is suffering from PTSD, tries to help her get to recover. They put aside their differences and embark on a healing journey together.

7. It Is Okay, That Is Love 

Jang Jae-Yeol has schizophrenia; he frequently suffers compulsions and obsessions in addition to experiences of visual and auditory hallucinations. Ji Hae-soo is a psychiatrist who is suffering from genophobia. She was traumatized by her mother’s extramarital relations when she was a child. She develops an irrational phobia of intimacy as a result of this. Their opposite strong personalities clash when the two meet. However, they quickly fall in love and seek to heal each other wounds.

8. Forest

Kang San-hyeok is an intelligent and loyal member of the 119 Special Rescue Team, but his memory issues stop him from remembering his childhood. Jung Young-Jae is a dedicated psychiatrist who changed her career to surgery because caring for patients with mental illness causes her to experience PTSD triggers. Young-Jae gets assigned to the enigmatic forest-encircled Miryeong Hospital, where she meets San-hyeok. The more time the two spend together, the more they learn about each other histories and interconnected fates.

9. Chocolate

Lee Kang, who was encouraged by his family to pursue a career in neurosurgery, and Moon Cha-Yeong is a cook. Cha-Yeong experiences severe panic attacks & the sadness of the PTSD she got after her mother left her at a department store reappears just when she meets Lee Kang. With Lee Kang’s support, she gradually finds a way to deal with the traumatizing incident.

10. Rain Or Shine 

After losing his father and suffering injuries to his leg during a mall collapse, Lee Gang doo’s dream of playing soccer gets crushed, leaving him with PTSD and no desire to pursue anything. Gang-doo meets Ha Moon-soo, who has amnesia brought on by PTSD after losing her younger sibling in the same incident one day. They fall in love and find new motivations in life through one another as they begin to open up to one another.